Republic of Agelonia FlagCoat AGL Coat of arms

Socialism, Liberalism - These are our words!
Gymn agl

Capital city Dragin
Official language(s) Russian, Belarusian, German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Polish, Agelonian, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian (Latin and Cyrillic), Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic)
Official religion(s) Orthodoxy (de facto), Atheism (de jure)
Demonym Agelonian
Government Authoritarian presidential-parliamentary socialist republic
- President of Agelonia First President Vuk Pétrovich
Legislature Council of Deputies of the Republic of Agelonia
- Type - Unicameral
- Last election - Not held
Established Did not declare independence
Currency Agelon (AGL)
Time zone UTC+3:00
National sport Cybersport (Strategy Games)
National dish Multinational cuisine
National drink Soviet drinks, kvass and birch sap
National animal Bison and squirrel
Patron saint Soviet leaders and Tito
Internet Domain .by, .agl (planned), .eu


The Republic of Agelonia (Rus: Республика Агелония; Bel. Рэспублiка Агелонiя; Agl. Republika Agelonija) is a state located in the south of Belarus in one of the districts of the Gomel region.


The project to create the state began in February–March 2017. Within a few months, the foundations of the state were set. Until October 2017 there was a lull, and since that time, the active development of the state began. And starting from March 17 (the date of writing the article on MicroWiki), the Republic of Agelonia became a full-fledged micronation. The active policy of Agelonia began with the entry into the League of Micronations. At the moment, the Republic of Agelonia, is one of the most developed (in our opinion) micronation.

Political structure

The president

The president has the highest authority. The president is also the guarantor of the observance of the constitution.


Parliament of the Republic of Agelonia is represented by the Council of People's Deputies. The council has an advisory function, but it can also have more power, but no more than a president.


By the Decree of the President of Agelonia, on April 22, 2018, micronational referendums are introduced.


At the moment elections in Agelonia were not held.

Political parties

Agelonian Republican Party

It is the ruling party of the Republic of Agelonia under the leadership of the president. Party ideology is Agelonism.

Ideology of Agelonia

The main words that can describe the ideology are: socialism, liberalism, authoritarianism, freedom of information.

Socialism - used in economics and domestic politics (social state).

Liberalism - in Agelonia are given broad liberties, but still it is not the level of Western countries.


Administrative division

The description of the administrative division is written in the Constitution. At the moment, the country includes: Draginskaya Oblast and Dragin.


Agelonia owns small land, it is impossible to calculate the size at the moment. Agelonia also has many claims to the land.

Territorial claims

Agelonian territorial claims are divided into several plans.


Residents can not be counted at the moment.


At the moment, citizenship is not issued, because the documentation has not yet been developed.

Culture and Media



The Red Star of Socialism and the Yellow Outline of Liberalism.

The blue color of the sky, the red color of fire in the hearts of the Agelonian people, the green color of the fields.

Copyright in Agelonia

The term of copyright is 25 years from the publication of the work and is increased by 5 years after the death of the author. The Republic of Agelonia supports the freedom of copying information.

Ministry of Media and Culture

At present it is the largest ministry. He is also the chief censor of the Republic of Agelonia.

Agelonian Culture

Agelonian culture is divided into the Presidential, State and Public.

Censorship in Agelonia

Political and artistic censorship is present in Agelonia, but the country continues to adhere to the ideology of liberalism. Art censorship is mainly focused on the prevention of poor-quality products and materials not considered acceptable.

Religion in Agelonia

In Agelonia, you can practice any religion, except for sects (with the exception of known, and significant (sects are those that are not recognized branches of a particular religion)), radical and predisposing human sacrifice. But, Agelonia does everything possible to "exterminate" religion and superstition. Also, the government has a plan that should rid religion of God, angels and other non-existent things. Having made it as a moral book.

Foreign policy

The foreign policy of Agelonia is aimed at maintaining friendly relations with other states, as well as resolving problems and establishing organizations.

Domestic policy


In Agelonia, free education is provided, including higher education.

Health care

In Agelonia provided free medical care only for "primary" and "secondary" medicine. And for "higher" medicine, privileges and credits are granted.

Criminally-legislative system

At the moment we are using the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, with some specific amendments. In Agelonia, there is a legal death penalty. In Agelonia, two ways are legalized: through shooting or hanging.



The currency of Agelonia is Agelon.


Inflation in 2018 was ~ 6-8%.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate was established by the Presidential Bank on March 25, 2019.

1 AGL = 580 BYR, 1.79₽, 0.0276$, 0.0244€.

Coin Design in 2017 (Never been used)
Obverse Reverse
1 Agelon 17OB

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

1 Agelon 17RE

Сoat of arms of the USSR

2,5 Agelona 17OB

Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko

2,5 Agelona RE

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

5 Agelonow 17OB


10 Agelonow 17RE

Boris III

25 Agelonow 17OB

Angela Dorothea Merkel

25 Agelonow 17RE

Otto von Bismarck

Agelonian companies

State companies


(Agelonian Republican Company of Universal Technologies) - Develops technologies, equipment (devices) and software. (Products of the company: AGLOS)


GosKomProdukt engaged in the production of food.


ACET is engaged in the construction and development of Internet networks, mobile communications, television and radio broadcasting.

Agelonia Games


In the Republic of Agelonia there are a lot of different taxes, including those with a rather high percentage.

  • VAT - 20 percent
  • Taxes on tobacco - 50 percent
  • Tax on guns - 1700 AGL for one gun per month

Diplomatic relations and alliances

The Republic of Agelonia recognizes all the states belonging to the LoMNMPU and NWA. The Republic of Agelonia also recognizes Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the PMR and does not recognize Kosovo, Catalonia and the Basque Country.

Flag Entity Date of alliance/recognition Notes
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-2

1 April 2018 (LoMN + I.D.R)

Mutual recognition, alliance, I.D.R and LoMN
Republic of New Rizalia

1 April 2018 (LoMN)

2 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy)

Diplomacy, Alliance and LoMN

Revised Union Flag

Kingdom of United Counties

13 April 2018 (MR)

24 October 2018 (Alliance)

Mutual recognition and Alliance
Libertia steag

1 April 2018 (LoMN)

22 April 2018 (Alliance & Diplomacy)

Alliance, Diplomacy and LoMN
West Trerva
Republic of West Trerva

16 May 2018 (Puppet)

24 May 2018 (Autonomy)

The puppet state and autonomy in Agelonia

800px-Flag of Pöllömaa
Kingdom of Pollomaa 01 Juny 2018 Mutual recognition and I.D.R
Flag Entity Notes
League of Micronations

Very friendly relations

Micronational People's Union

Is a member and Chairman of this organization

Agelonian Micronational Organization of Polls, Referendum and Statistics Is a member and Manager of this organization
North-Western Alliance Flag
North-Western Alliance Is a member of this organization
International Union of Micronational Treaties Is a member of this organization
Intermicronational Trade Organization Is a member of this organization
Apachan Pact Is a member of this organization

Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

Is a member and one of the founding members of this organization

Interesting Facts

  • Agelonia is a country with one of the lowest term of copyright.


Various laws, plans, decrees and other important papers (In Russian)

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