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Axonbazl is a micronation bordering the United States. The capital of Axonbazl is Bazl City. The most popular tourist attraction in Axonbazl is Mount Axbaz located in the Axonbazl Outskirts, the main point of its popularity is its great slope as it is good for sledding down in the winter. The language Pitchforkian has been adopted from Pitchfork Union. Axonbazl's King is currently working on what will be the native language of Axonbazl.

The Leader

The leader of Axonbazl is King Logan the First. Logan’s full name is Logan Michael Gallagher. Logan is currently thirteen years old. Not only is he the leader of Axonbazl, he is also a highly ranked official of another micronation called Pitchfork Union; the two micronations are in alliance with the micronation Buonheim, a micronation located in Indiana.