Chief Justice of
the Republic of Amra
Amra Chief Justice seal
Seal of the Chief Justice
Chief Justice Ambrosia Tosunt
Ambrosia Tosunt
since July 5, 2018
Style Madam Chief Justice (informal)
The Honorable (formal)
Your Honor (in court)
Status Chief justice
Highest judicial officer
Member of Supreme Court
Presidential Advisory
Seat 200 Building
Grana, F.D.
Appointed by the President
with Senate consent
Term length Life tenure
Formation July 3, 2018
Inaugural holder Ambrosia Tosunt
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Republic of Amra
Salary the satisfaction of being Amra's chief justice
The Chief Justice of the Republic of Amra is the chief judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Amra and the highest-ranking judicial official in the Republic of Amra.

The current chief justice is Ambrosia Tosunt, who took office on July 5, 2018.

List of chief justices

# Name Term of office
1 Ambrosia Tosunt July 5, 2018 -

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