The Commonwealth of Crystal is a small micronation in North America. It's population is growing. The nation has been under rule of President Fury Gamington, the Commonwealth party founder.

Results of the Season 1 Election

In order of placement:

  • Fury Gamington (Commonwealth)
  • Kevin Kile (Democratic)
  • Derek Arenado (Republican)
  • Charleston Alexander (Libertarian)

Results of the Season 2 Election

In order of projected placement:

  • Fury Gamington
  • Charleston Alexander
  • Derek Arenado
  • Kevin Kile


  • Ellsbury (formerly Hellman's Village)
  • Isringhausen
  • Gaughansville
  • Keselowskiville
  • Palma
  • Grande Tenerife
  • Derry
  • Hawkins

Nation Recognized

National Things

  • Animal: Dog
  • Flower: Hibiscus
  • Tree: Canadian Maple
  • Car: 2017 Acura NSX


  • Swagland Rebellion: Vice President Kevin Kile attempted to take Grande Tenerife and hold it under siege to create a new nation, but President Fury Gamington and his ambassador, Eric Friday (a stuffed lamb), recaptured Grande Tenerife and defeated Kile. The war lasted 30 seconds and was the first war Crystal fought in.

Puppet States

Crystal has 10 puppet states. 9 of these puppets are along the Croatian-Serbian border, but are either unclaimed or disputed with no official claim by one nation. The 10th Puppet state is claimed by Egypt and Sudan but has no official claim by one nation. All nations are welcome to buy a puppet state for free.

  • Republic of Danube
  • Republic of Siga
  • Republic of Boylston
  • Commonwealth of Voss
  • Commonwealth of Core
  • Commonwealth of Evian
  • Libertarian Republic of Fury
  • Libertarian Republic of Geronimo
  • Libertarian Republic of Peaceland
  • Libertarian Commonwealth of Hala'ib

As of 9/24/18, all puppet states are sold out.