Commune, The Global Agriculturalist (founded 3 December 2018), is an egalitarian, communal society, founded by Lucius Adam Fitch.

The goals of the Commune are as follows: 1) To provide a community that encourages the attributes of self-sufficiency, teamwork, peace-making, self-respect and global unity.

2) To provide a space, both metaphorical and physical, for the promotion of agricultural pursuits, communal living, respect for the land that is cultivated.

3) To encourage participation of every member of the commune to vote on decisions relating to the commune and its members, on the Council.

4) To promote the lifestyle of self-sufficiency, against the wasteful and destructive pursuits of market capitalism.

5) To promote the use of the language Esperanto as the lingua franca of the world.

6) To combat racial, national, religious, gender, and sexual hatred.