Flag of Egan

Egan, officially the Banana Republic of Egan, is a micronation located in Montreal, Canada.

Government and Politics

Egan is a one-party crowned republic led by Governor Aydo Christopher Kimyona. The current king is Becket I whose powers are purely ceremonial and is really just a puppet/national icon.

The governor can appoint Thanes at will. Thanes either rule a province or merely enjoy honorary privileges, which are mostly ceremonial. Here is a list of Thanes:

  • A.C. Kimyona (Lenoway, Denonville, Metallo, Harven, Seppoland, Greentown)
  • Eliskabet Kimyona (Scammington)
  • Rikvird Kimyona (Scammington)
  • Aster Dinevir (Honorary)
  • Guinivier Kimyona (Honorary)
  • Dan Kimyona (Eganese Carolina)
  • Sosana Kermaikon (Eganese Carolina)


Egan's culture is based largely on the video game Stardew Valley. Real-life influences include modern Slavic culture, modern and pre-Norman British culture, as well as a little bit of Shinto.

Egan's national sport is Frosty Dodgeball, invented by a certain Lara B. The sport involves knocking over the opposite team's pins in order to knock down their "frosty" (a large ball on a cone).

Egan's national dish is pancakes, often called "little towels" as a reference to the Dad ARG. There is a divide in the nation as to whether or not pancakes should have corn meal in them.

The state anthem of the Banana Republic of Egan is Untitled Penguin song, which lasts only nine seconds. It is from the episode "The Organ Grinder" from the popular children's stop-motion TV show, Pingu.



Cross of Yoba

Egan's official religion is Yobanism, a religion founded by game developer and musician Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley. Adherents worship the god Yoba and the Yoban cross. They venerate Barone as a prophet of Yoba.


The Spring Equinox is Eganese new year.

April 9th is Eganese April Fool's Day, commemorating the snowstorm that occurred on April 9th, 2019, and melted within two days.

April 13th is the Acorn Festival which celebrates the coming of Spring. Eganese citizens collect acorns left under the snow and paint them.

May 24th is the Flower Dance, where citizens gather around a patch of flowers to socialize and dance, celebrating the flourishing of nature.

June 28th is the Dance of the Moonlight Minnows, where citizens gather around a body of water and send a candle on a raft into the water.

July 10th is Nikola Tesla day, which celebrates Eganese independence as well as the birthday of Nikola Tesla as the two days coincide.

August 11th is the Corn Festival, where corn on the cob is consumed to celebrate the harvest.

September 16th is the Artisan's Fair, where artisans such as musicians and sculptors display their work at their booths.

October 27th is Spirit's Eve, where a haunted maze is created, and those who complete it are awarded a piece of pumpkin pie.

December 10th is the Governor's Day, commemorating the birthday of Governor Kimyona, Egan's first and arguably best governor.

December 23rd is the Feast of the Winter Star, where people gather for a feast and give each other gifts, similar to Christmas.

January 8th is the ice festival, where tire d'erable is consumed and snow ingots are made if the snow is right.


Egan uses a seasonal calendar, the months being Enaton (spring), Sumerion (Summer), Kindleton (Autumn), and Vinterion (Winter). Enaton begins on the Spring Equinox, Sumerion begins on the Summer Solstice, Kindleton begins on the Fall Equinox, and Vinterion begins on the winter solstice.

Egan has a five-day week. The days are: Lundyau (Monday), Desdyau (Tuesday), Vodendyau (Wednesday), Tordyau (Thursday), and Frigdyau (Friday). February 29th on leap years is a special weekday named Kratenial (per four years)


Egan claims several strips of land around Montreal.


Scammington is the capital of Egan. It's a 35-acre property in Argenteuil RMC. It is ruled by its Seneskalos Eliskabet and Rikveard Kimyona. It is home to Big Bird (the Eganese monument not the Sesame Street character), Kimyona Manor, Big Bird's Pond, two sheds, a rabbit farm, and a vegetable garden.


Lenoway is one of the handful of territories ruled by the Governor. It consists of a strip of forested grassland.


Metallo is ruled by the Governor and is home to Siegfried's Square, Siegfried's Well, and Siegfried's Rock.


Greentown is a small territory ruled by the Governor located on a commercial street.


Denonville is a small triangular territory ruled by the Governor. Due to its position on the Lachine Canal, it is considered the trade capital of Egan.


Seppoland is a small hilly territory ruled by the Governor located by the Montreal Aqueduct.


Harven consists of three separate patches of grass in the middle of three different cul-de-sacs. It is ruled by the Governor.


The currency of Egan is the Eganese Lid, which is pegged to the value of 1 pound of aluminium. Currently there are two varieties: the 5 lid bill and the 10 lid bill.


5 Lid Bill featuring the governor A.C. Kimyona


10 Lid bill featuring the Seneskala Eliskabet Kimyona of Scammington

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