Template:Micronation SimpleThe Davidirtinian Selenite Republic is a micronation formed through the unification of 2 former micronations as provinces into 1 state (Emirabe-Dhabit joined later on). The DSR was founded on the 13th of October 2015 through the unification of Tivit and Pilos. The newly formed alliance was first called IDUD (Independent Democratic Union of David) in honor of their unifier. The micronation has a population of 27 and has strong ties to many other micronations. We now have 5 provinces



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It's biggest export is small flags which are hand-made and used as decoration on desks and to mark new territory. The GDP is 20 euros which are store due to the lack of need for funding at the moment. After major changes to the structure of government on the 14th of April 2018, the nation has entered what is now called the 'DeSaGi Sei' Era.

Geography and people

The DSR is formed by 5 provinces. These are: Tivit, Pilos, Loami, Cooper Creek & Emirabe-Dhabit. Tivit & Pilos are both enclaves to the macronation of Spain. Meanwhile, Emirabe-Dhabit is an enclave to the UAE. The capital of the DSR is Tivit, but currently it is run from Emirabe-Dhabit. The government is formed by a parliament formed of the head of state of each province, the president and 2 representatives of the people. Elections only take place when the population expresses a need for change in a position of government. There are many languages spoken in the DSR but English and Spanish are the most commonly used


Since its annexation to the union, Emirabe-Dhabit has enjoyed some special status among the provinces. It joined the union right after its foundation on the 31st of May 2016. The constitution of Emirabe-Dhabit, also acting as the annexation treaty, is the foundation for how the province's government acts. Most provinces in the DSR are ruled by the KaiJa which is an elected position. In comparison, the province of Emirabe-Dhabit is ruled by a Supreme Master which acts pretty much as a king. This position is hereditary and can only be changed through an agreement between the president of the DSR, the current Supreme Master and the founder of the DSR. In the strange case that one of those 3 people are not able to vote due to a political complication such as death or no internet connection, the other 2 or 1 people will agree on who should become the new Supreme Master.

A few weeks before the beginning of the DeSaGi Sei era and one of the main reasons why it started, the province of Emirabe-Dhabit changed all of its territory. To avoid the occurrence of a similar incident ever taking place again, the province of Tivit gave an area of 400 square centimetres called 'Emiravit' to the province of Emirabe-Dhabit to strengthen their relationship.


One of the main reasons the DSR is known for is the odd and mostly unlikely laws that it has and enforces. The breaking of most of these laws is usually met with a fine of 5 euros and supervised by the DSR national police. Here are a few example:

- Throwing tomatoes at windows is illegal.

- The letter Q is stupid, saying otherwise is illegal.

- No person is allowed to touch the pinky toe of the left foot of another person inside the borders of the DSR with the noticeable exception of the heads of province.

- Insults ending in Z are illegal.

- Licking the mouse of a computer without having licked the keyboard of said computer in the previous 24 hours.

- Talking about potatoes for more than 3 hours is illegal.

- Sleeping with socks on is illegal unless the minister of sleep gives you a permit.


This is the official list of allies of the DSR

  • CASR (member, kind of)
  • Orbisoko
  • Altannia
  • Incrementis
  • Caddia
  • LoMN (member)
  • Terrexa
  • Alimia
  • New Rizalia
  • Kingdom of Celtica
  • Republic of Kanacea
  • Federal Republic of Groldovastan
  • Republic of Terra Nova


There are currently 4 embassies in the DSR, they are all located in the province of Emirabe-Dhabit and have an area of 100 cm^2. Each embassy also has a small handmade flag of the micronation that they represent

Micronation Flag
New Rizalia
Copy of Copy of R

If you wish to become a citizen of the DSR, please fill up this form: or e-mail us at:

If you wish to become an ally, please e-mail us to the same address.

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