Egan is a micronation located in Montreal, Canada.

Government and Politics

Egan is a constitutional viscounty led by a viscount. The current viscount is Caspian Kimyona I.

Gun laws

Hunting rifles are the only permitted firearms in Egan. They must be checked into a hunting lodge when not in use. Hunters must be over 20 and have a permit and training. Hunters must eat what they hunt and use the hide. The rifles can also be used in war or to eliminate a threat such as a wild animal attacking townsfolk.

Environmental protection

All fossil fuels and disposable plastic items are illegal. All vehicles must be electric or man-powered.


Eganese culture is based on the fictional culture of the video game Stardew Valley.

The national sport is Frosty Dodgeball, a sport invented by a certain Lara B. All of the team's snowmen (pins) must be knocked down before their Frosty can be knocked down, ending the game. The annual Frosty Dodgeball olympics are very competitive.

Egan uses a four-month calendar based on the seasons. The months are Printon, Sumerion, Kindleton, and Shiverion, each corresponding to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Printon begins on March 20th (Eganese New Year). Sumerion begins on June 20th, Kindleton begins on September 20th, and Shiverion begins on December 20th.


Most of Egan's holidays are based on Stardew Valley festivals.

  • January 8th (Shiverion 18th) - Ice Festival
  • March 20th (Printon 1st) - Eganese New Year
  • April 13th (Printon 23rd) - Walnut Festival
  • May 24th (Printon 64th) - Lilac Festival
  • June 28th (Printon 8th) - Festival of the Moonlight Minnows
  • July 10th (Sumerion 20th) - Eganese Independence Day
  • August 11th (Sumerion 52nd) - Soup Festival
  • October 16th (Sumerion 26th) - Frosty Dodgeball Olympics (FDO)
  • October 27th (Kindleton 37th) - Pumpkin's Eve
  • December 10th (Kindleton 81st) - Viscount Caspian's Birthday
  • December 22nd (Shiverion 2nd) - St. Pepper's Eve
  • December 23rd (Shiverion 3rd) - St. Pepper's Day


Egan claims a chunk of forested grassland in Montreal, Canada known as Lenoway. The capital city is Scammington, which is located in southern Lenoway.


Egan uses the Lid, an aluminium disc. 1 Lid is equivalent to 0.62 Canadian dollars. Businesses are run by classless syndicates. The profit is divided equally among the members of the business's syndicate.


If one is ever to visit Egan, one should know these slang words.

  • Slammywhammer - microwave, frequently used and adored by the Eganese
  • Tsaw - yes
  • Nuh - no
  • Chuzzy - cold
  • Smet - hot
  • Inbeeb - indeed



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