Flario Federation flag .jpgFF.png
Flag of Flario
The Coat of Arms

Futura incerta et magnis English:Indefinite future,but a great one
Ein Land der Eklaven und des Friedens
Capital city Vortani
Largest city Luxodido
Demonym Flarian,Flaric
Government Democratic Dictatorship
Area claimed >15,718 square meters
Population Less than 65, 4 registerd
Currency Monero and Zonero
Time zone Philippine time zone

This nation is not what it is anymore. Go to Grand Duchy of Flario for information on the new and reformed Flario.
Flario Federation

El Presidente de Flario

Pres. Jerard Benitez

Spouse(s) N/A
Children N/A
Alma mater PSB(Philippine Schol (Bahrain
Profession N/A
Religion Catholichism
File:Flarian Anthem

About it

The Flario Federation is the first Philippine micronation which claims family owned land. The country has a number of enclaves with the only connected area being The District of Estragon.

Territory claim

Territory of this micronation includes 3 million sqm. of land on the Southern hemisphere of Pluto,all of the moon Io,family owned homes,and an eastern area of the micronation called [1] The Empire of Atlantium(size is 500 sqm. It seems to claim a home in Kansas which is the "Intermicronational embassy to American micronations".

Monetary system

The system of money in Flario is the Monero which is Esperanto for "currency" while it is divided into 100 Zonero which does not come from any language. You can exchange 10 Flat tops chocolate for 10 Monero. We also accept Numus but trade WITHIN the country only uses physical Numus. Only the elite have access to the virtua-Numus.


Flario Federation has declared independence since 2/24/18. It was started after the [2] Principality of Xjanistan was created 3 years ago. It was created upon inspiration from Xjanistan,[3]Molossia,and Calsahara. Relations are active with The Republic of New Rizalia.

The First Family

  • The President's mother is Menchie Benitez
  • His Father is Julius C. Benitez
  • His Sister is Zara Isabelle E. Benitez
  • His Grandfather is Victoriano Benitez


These are the microntions which Flario recognizes:

  1. Aerican Empire
  2. Republic of Molossia
  3. Republic of New Rizalia
  4. Principality of Seborga
  5. Grand Duchy of Westarctica
  6. Principality of Xjanistan
  7. Empire of Atlantium
  8. LoMN members
The president on a Sunday

President Jerard Benitez on a Sunday

Measurement system

For weight,search for Flarian weight

Flarian Equivalent References
Minitston 0.5 cm None
Ston 1.5 cm none
Tretston 79 mm The President's middle

finger as of 3/13/18

Grand Tretston 5 ft None
Vetenton 1 meter none
Squenton 1 sq. meter none
Great Squenton 500 sq. meters None
Vortanitston 320 meters Vortani's area converted to length
Royal Ston 1 km None
Imperial Ston 10 km one hectare converted to length.



Citizenship is done by the applicant or the president. The applicant either will Email the president or the president willfully gives the citizenship. The qualifications are:

  • Must be 2 years old and above to be given,must be 10 and above to apply;
  • Must be able to speak German,Spanish,Esperanto,or Filipino well;
  • And must not have a criminal record.

The Government itself

The government is a dictatorship. It is actually only partially democratic,as the citizens do have the freedoms of democracy,but only half of The Freedom of Speech. It has 3 major political parties(mentioned at the infobox) and,according to the constitution,has 4 branches of government in the Central Government.

The Political Parties

The 3 major political parties,as said in the infobox,namely:

  1. The Capitalist Democrat Party
  2. The Liberalist Party
  3. Federalist Party

The Capitalist Democrats in the party of the same name. They are the most influential persons in the government. Second comes the Liberalists and then Federalists. Although Flario works as a federation but is democratically capitalist.

Micronational Organizations

The micronational organizations that The Flario Federation has joined are:

Organization Members Flario Joined on
LoMN 62 March 10, 2018
TASMO 9 April 7, 2018
CSN 8 April 14, 2018
TPG 2 May 9, 2018
APM 3 May 15, 2018

Other things


This is no longer Flario. Flario is now a Grand Duchy like Westarctica.


  1. The Empire of Atlantium
  2. Xjanistan
  3. Republic of Molossia
  4. Lina Benitez