Long live the King and Long live Democracy
Capital city Goatlantia
Population 30

Goat island flag

Goat Island and Three Sisters

Goat island and Three Sisters is a micronation located on the small islands of [1]Goat Island, Three sisters islands, Shark island and several small unnamed islands. It also includes land on the island of Tasmania between the towns of Penguin and West Ulverstone. The claimed land of Goat Island And Three Sisters adds up around 1 square kilometres in total. The capital is Goatlandia. Goat Island and Three Sisters declared its independence on 24/4/2018. Goat island and three sisters has three puppets: Duck Island, The Isles of penguin and Bird Poo Rock.


Pre Independence

The land that is now part of goat island and three sisters was originally a native abarigonal fishing grounds.The first structure to built was what is now know as the Great Wall of Goat island. It Was originally made to keep fish from going back to sea as the tide went back out.

The war for goat island

On 17/1/2018 a local historian discovered that tasmania was once a part of the Netherlands . After realising that the British had taken the islands not knowning were Dutch. This allowed King Hamish to declare independence on the grounds of 15th century treason laws in the United Netherlands (Know just as the Netherlands).So on 24/3/2018 Hamish, Liam and several other goat islanders declared independence from the Netherlands. After hearing of the news several proud britanians made it their job to take back goat island for the British. This Govenment was given the name "The British Protectorate of Goat Island and Three Sisters". They first captured shark island and the surrounding bay. After a brief encounter with goat island troops at five-hundred meter beach they swiftly took over the area of three sisters. With three sisters captured the new micronation was starting to stand on its back foot, after successfully repealing the attack at the battle of the Goatlantis Straight. The goat islanders started to start a counter attack aftter recapturing shark island and three sisters the British gave one final push. Coming from seagull rock (to the north of goat island) the pushed the goat islanders back to "The Gully" a 6 meter deep canyon and after a long 7 minute battle, the British fources surrendered. At the negotiating table the troops were forced to allow goat island to gain independence.


On the 21/06/18 (Normal Calander) the flag and anthem was changed. The flag was changed by replacing a white 5 pointed star with a picture of a seagull. The Anthem was also changed from Rule Goat Island (This became Goat Island state's anthem) to Goat Island and Three Sisters Forever (on the tune of The Maple Leaf Forever).

From the 1-10/07/18 Goatlantia held the 2018 Micronational Winter Games. The results of the Event have not been finalised.

On the 3/07/18 (Normal Calander) Priminister Liam went on a diplomatic trip to van masayoca and South Dover (two separate micronations) the Trip was a success and helped to build relations with the micronations.


As a Diarchy, Both the King and the Priminister have the same amount of power. Every 6 months the Priministers role is available for a member of the current boad of directors to have (beside the King). To get on the board, a citzien must get one of the 23 electable positions on the board. In total their are 25 positions on the board (18 for areas, 3 for puppet states, 1 for Priminister, 1 for deputy priminister, 1 for the king and 1 for the queen or the Kings adviser.

2018/1 2018/2
King Hamish
Priminister Liam
King's Adviser
Deputy Priminister Mitchel
Quail bay &

First sisters

Mount Lamb
Lega Mound
Crompten Bay Dillan
Reflection Cave Marcas
West Goat Island
Two Sisters
Roadatopolise Ethan
Eighty Meter Beach
Lookout Point
Shark Island
Rockta Beach
Light Point
Black Jack Rock Alex
Isles of Penguin
Duck Island
Bird Poo Rock Cole


Goat Island and Three Sisters as the 55th member of the LoMN recognises all the other nations in LoMN, it also recognises all nations that are apart of the U.N (except USA) including Northern Cyprus, Transnistria, Sealand, Liberland, Hutt River and South Dover.


Goat island and three sisters has 6 Embassies, 3 in the town of Penguin (The embassies are called West/ South and Central Penguin), 1 in the suburb of Romaine (Burnie) , 1 in the town of Ulverstone and one in the suburb of Red Beach (Auckland). The largest of the 6 is the Ulverstone embassy at 16 square meaters. The other 5 are around 1m squared to 3m squared. All the embassies exept the Ulverstone embassy, have a small building in the middle with a few trees surrounding the building. The Ulverstone embassy has 2 buildings, a outdoor meeting room and a accomodation building. This embassy has only ever held one futtiutive, "Daffy the Duck" (his real name is unown) arrived at the embassy in the early hours of April the 5th 2003. He stayed trapped in the embassy until late February 2018. He was buried in the goat island general cemetery. None of the embassies are currlently housing any wanted criminals.

States, Territories and "Puppet states"

Goat island has two states (Goat island and Three sisters), two territories (Shark island and Black Jack Rock) and 3 puppet states (isles of penguin, duck island and bird poop rock).

State/Territory Flag Capital Population Animal Plant
Goat Island Goatlantia 0
Three Sisters Roadatopolise Around 20 Black Faced


Shark Island Around 2
Black Jack Rock 0
Isles Of Penguin 0 Fairy/Little Penguin
Duck Island 15 Ducks Pacific Black Duck
Bird Poo Rock 0

Goat Island

Goat island is the nations central hub. It holds the nations capital (Goatlandia). Goat Island also holds the highest peak in the country (mount lamb at 21m). The state contains 8 proveniences: goatlantia, mount lamb, Lega mound, Crompten bay, the Goatlantis straight, Reflection Cave, Caralot and East Goat island. Goatlandia located to the south of the island holds the country's main military base HMB Valley, and the nations main presentation point able to sit 30 people.

Three Sisters

Three Sisters is the nations most Populated state. Three sisters holds 90% of the countrys population with its largest city being Roadatopolise. It's the country's largest state with A total of seven hundred square meters. It is made up of 6 Provences Quail bay and first sister, Two Sisters, Roadopoloise,eighty meter beach, Crabonia and lookout point.

Shark Island

Shark island is the only territory with a building. Even though it's called an Island most of the territory is on a point and a bay surrounding it's name sake island. Shark island is home to the countries only light house. It has 3 Provemnces in total Shark Island, Light Point and rockta beach.

Black Jack rock

Black jack rock is a small collection of islands just west of the mouth of the river leven. It is home to the country's largest casino which is planned to be completed in 2024. It joined the union after a large storm decimated the plant life on the island.

Isles of Penguin

Duck Island.

Bird Poo Rock

The History of the Puppets is on the puppets separate pages.


Goat island and Three Sisters geography is unique due to the cliffs that surround the area and its collection of islands. Goat Islands highest recorded point Is Mount Lamb at 21m above sea level. Goat island has to large peaks with a valley in between it also has 2 smaller peaks. Three sisters islands is very hilly but on the main land it is very flat at around 2m above sea level. Shark island is very unquie due to its collection of small islands and its steep penitular (its hight is unnown).

National Treasures

National monuments

Their are 5 national monuments on the Goat islands territory 3 are located on goat island, 1 is located on the territorys of Three sisters and 1 is located on the area of Shark island. These include:

Monument Location
The Great Wall Caralot,GI
Caves Of Reflection Reflection Cave,GI
Pools Of Justice West Goat Island,GI
Royal Lighthouse Light Point,SI
Royal Rock Pools Crabonia,TS


Goat island and three sisters has several unique national holidays.

Date French


Calendar Date

6/1 Epiphany
2/2 Candlemas
29/2 Solar Day
25/3 Independence Day/


Sunday after

21/3 (Thur-Tue)

27/6 - 3/7 Easter week
39 days

after Easter

Ascension Thursday
49 days

after Easter

Sunday after


Trinity Sunday
2/6 14/9 Kings Birthday
18/9 Priministers Birthday
22-23/9 5/13-1/1 New Years
1/10 10/1 All Saints Day
24-26/12 4-6/4 Christmas

Contacting Goat island Gov

Goat Island Gov Can be contacted on Instagram (Goat Island and Three Sisters) email ( or on microwiki as goat island three sisters