The Home Province of Pempire is a home province of the Princian Commonwealth created from the partition of the Home Province of Princia on the 30th January 2021. Pempire is also an electoral region of the Princian Commonwealth that elects a lord-minister to the Electoral Legislature of the Prince's Order. Pempire's 3-digit country code is "PEM." Since 27th February 2021, Pempire is a member of the Gardica Prefecture.


Pempire was first created as a county of the now defunct Principality of Greater Princia, but since it was so large compared to the other counties of Princia, it was converted to a region and divided into the counties of Touraffshire, Westirral (now Wesprincia) and Roovesbridge.

Since the partition of the Home Province of Princia and abolition of the presidency, Pempire has been a home province in its own right.


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County Significance
Touraffshire Capital
Roovesbridge Largest

Lordshires & Governorates

Name Type Significance
Touraffshire Lordshire Capital & largest
New Boscastle Governorate




NOTE: this map is out-of-date. The county of Pempire is now known as Touraffshire. The county of Westirral is now known as Wesprincia. The county of Old Princia is now known as Soprincia







No District Significance
4 Outer Waterby
5 Touraff City Capital of Pempire, Touraffshire County and Touraffshire Lordshire
6 North-of-Touraff
11 New Beeston Capital of Wesprincia County and Wesprinciashire Lordshire
12 New Beaumaris
13 New Boscastle
14 Castlegrove City Capital of Roovesbridge County and Castlegroveshire Lordshire
15 Castlegrove-on-Sea
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