Intermicronational Trade Organization

Commercia Mundi
Capital city New Gettysburg
- Director King-Emperor Stephen I of New Yankeeland
Established April 10, 2018
Currency Numus (£)

The Intermicronational Trade Organization, abbreviated to the ITO, is a branch of the League of Micronations that focuses on the regulation of intermicronational trade. The ITO was officially founded on April 10, 2018, after its approval by the "Big 4" of the LoMN. It was first proposed by President Seann Torres of New Rizalia and King Stephen I of New Yankeeland. For now, ITO regulates the trade of goods and services within the League of Micronations with its official currency, the Numus.

The ITO's current Director is King Stephen I of the Kingdom of New Yankeeland. His role is to guide ITO members and ensure they adhere to its constitution. The director also is in charge of recruiting new members.

Members of the League of Micronations have the choice to participate in the ITO or not.

Trading Partners

  • New Yankeeland & Alanland
  • New Yankeeland & All of NWA


Within the ITO, there are several members who help run the organization:

  • King-Emperor Stephen I of New Yankeeland is the Director. He is in charge of recruiting, approving trade, and convoy protection.
  • King Riley I of Holloway aids in protecting naval convoys.


Name of seller item Name of buyer cost transaction
NYL New Washington and Blackrose Class Alanland £90,000 Approved
Alanland 50 granaries of grain and corn New Yankeeland £25,000 Approved
NYL 5 F/A-1 Blue Jays Holloway Gift Approved
NYL 2 M15 Honey Badger MBT New Rizalia £50,000 Approved
New Rizalia Libertiaball Libertia £100 Approved
Alanland Pepper Island New Yankeeland £100,000 Approved

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