International Union of Micronational Treaties

Micronationalists, forward!
Sounds of small countries
Capital city Dragin
Largest city Dragin
Official language(s) Languages of members
- Сhairman Vuk Petrovich
Legislature Micronational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 1 Nation
Established 18 June 2018
Currency Agelon, Numus

International Union of Micronational Treaties this union is created like the European Union, but only for micronations. It is not analogous to the League of Micronations.

Article (Treaties)

Article One (Treaty of Good-Neighborliness)

Members of the Union should not fight among themselves and impose any sanctions for no apparent reason.

Article Two (An agreement on the facilitation of border)

Member countries should have more simplified borders and visa requirements for other member countries.

Article Three (An agreement on single currency)

To simplify the economy and reduce commissions and costs, the member countries of the union must have a single currency.

Article Fourth (The agreement on the integration of the policies of the member countries)

Parties of member countries should sit in the assembly and participate and make joint decisions, for the development of the union and the member countries.

Article Five (The Treaty on Freedom in the Member States)

Members should provide at least the most basic human rights.


Flag Entity Capital Ruler Signed Treaties
Republic of Agelonia Dragin Vuk Petrovich 1-2, 4-5


Joining and leaving

Requirements for entry into the Union:

  • The existence of legislation, confirming the basic laws of the country.
  • The country must be in another union or organization. (LoMN, MPU and etc.)
  • The country must be at least two weeks old.
  • The country does not use Nazism, Anarchism, Theocracy, Racism or Chauvinism.


Article (Treaties)


Interaction of members