The Kingdom of Bertia is a micronation founded in 2005 by King Max I (then Max Taylor), Joseph Young, Harrison I and George Heywood. It is one of The “Playground” nations. Inactive since the abdication of the King Max I, the country was revived by the current co-King Peter I.



Before 2019

Not much is known about Bertia’s early history, It was founded sometime around 2005 by 4 schoolfriends, Max Taylor (later King Max I of Stenall), Joseph Young, George Heywood and Harrison Bert. Harrison resigned as King in 2008 and Max took the role soon after. Max and Joseph left later the same year due to The Imagine Law. Joseph was not involved in Micronationalism again, but Max ended up forming the micronation of Stenall ten years later.

Resurgence of the Kingdom

In 2019, February the 25th, Peter Of Chanbarolles, most known under the name of Peter I, the Emperor of Sandovia, discovers that the micronation of Bertia was inactive since the abdication of the King Max I, which was happening in 2008, October the 17th. This latter has abdicated without designating a successor. Considering this act as an abandonment of the citizens of Bertia, Peter of Chanbarolles organise a pustch, so as to take possession of the country. The coup d’Etat was successfully completed and the bertians citizens cheers Peter Of Chanbarolles, who they considered as their new King.

So, Peter Of Chanbarolles, supported by all the population of Bertia, was crowned new King of Bertia, under the name of Peter I.

His Majesty the King, after his coronation, release a royal decree, which remove the function of Advisor. The King is, from this day, only attended of his Prime Minister and of his Vice-Prime Minister. The decree say also that Harrison Bert wasn't the Prime Minister since the abdication of the former King Max I. The same thing was applied for George Heywood.

But at the end of the day, Peter I wanted to abdicate from the throne, because of certains problems which were confronted to him, after have a discussion with former King Max I. "The Kingdom of Bertia should stay as it was since October 2008", as the King says, But Max then made him Co-King alongside him. Finally, Peter I accepts.

At 2019, February the 26th, the co-King Max I designed Daniel, Earl of Mere as his Advisor.

Members of Government

  • King :
    • Harrison I (2005-2008)
      • Prime Minister : George Heywood
      • Vice-Prime Minister : Max Taylor
      • Advisor : Joseph Young
    • Max I (2008)
      • Prime Minister : Harrison Bert
      • Vice-Prime Minister : Joseph Young
      • Advisor : George Heywood
    • Peter I (2019-?) and Max I (2019-?)
      • Prime Minister : Emile Lacorne
      • Vice-Prime Minister : Charles Penguino
      • Advisor : Daniel, Earl of Mere

Daniel, Earl of Mere is the Advisore of the co-king Max I. This is why the first decree initiated by Peter I isn't applied on His Majesty Max I.