Kingdom of Great Ionia
Μεγάλης Ιωνίας
Great Ionia

Great Ionian Flag

Ionia Map

Ionian Map

Capital city Ionia
Official language(s) Hellenic(Greek)
Demonym Ionian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Regent of Imvrassia Aggelos
- Prince/ Princess Vacant
Established 10/29/2014
Area claimed Attica
Currency Euro (EUR)
Time zone GMT +2

The Kingdom of Great Ionia (Μεγάλης Ιωνίας) is a Hellenic (Greek) micronation.

History (Ιστορία)

Ionia was founded on 29/10/2014 by Moniod Michail-Angelos. Its purpose is to create a micronation in which the world will live in justice and equality. There will be no oppression. Without any permanent basis, the Kingdom of Great Ionia is also characterized as a multicultural state. It was founded in Chalandri, Attica.

Government (Κυβέρνηση)

The government of the Kingdom of Great Ionia is a constitutional monarchy. Additionally, the current status of the government is that of a Protectorate nation subject to the Kingdom of Imvrassia and the Prince Regent.

The Kingdom also has established membership in the League of Hellenistic Micronations.

Citizenship (Υπηκοότητα)

Individuals that are interested in pursuing citizenship may contact the League of Hellenistic Micronations email address for more information. Additionally, roles within the government are also available to those that may pursue them.

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