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Kosnian Democratic Republic
MottoWorkers Of The World, Unite!
AnthemMila Rodino

(and largest city)
Official languages English, Vietnamese
Demonym Kosnian
Government Unitary "Republic" (de jure) Revolutionary socialist dictatorship (de facto)
 -  Prime Minister ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼
Legislature People's Chamber
EstablishmentApril 4, 2020
Gini  25.00 (160)
HDI  0.95 (2)
Currency Kosnian Korona (in 20, 50, 100 & 200 denominations) (KOR)
Time zone UTC-6
Date formats MM/DD/YY
Internet TLD .ko (proposed)
Calling code +1

The Kosnian Democratic Republic (KDR) is a North American micronation landlocked within the city of Austin, Texas. It succeeded the Borschnian Democratic Republic during the 2019-2020 Coronavirus Pandemic on April 4, 2020, founded by ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼, who now serves as its current Prime Minister. Borschnia, founded in March of 2020, was active for a short period but was overthrown by a staged coup when the Prime Minister became dissatisfied with the sub-par flag. The Prime Minister then "liberated" the masses and consolidated his regime under the present nation.

Kosnia has been in a state of neutrality with its neighboring nations, the Federal Republic of Floristania and the United States of America, since its conception


◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼ and his sibling, ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼, both established rivaling micronations in March, 2020. Both countries had no national identity at the time, so the two leaders drafted names and national emblems. ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼ established the Borschnian Democratic Republic after hours of drafting and development, while ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼ established the Federal Republic of Floristania. The Prime Minister had chosen Borschnia as the name of the state because of his desire to someday try borscht, a sour beet soup common to Eastern European nations. However, he became increasingly dissatisfied with the name and flag and, a week later, overthrew the regime in a bloodless coup. The Prime Minister established the Kosnian Democratic Republic and immediately declared himself Prime Minister of Kosnia.


The flag of the Kosnian Democratic Republic consists of a solid field of red [(RGB: 198, 12, 48)(Hex: #C60C30)] and a white emblem in its center.

The red field:

  • The red field symbolizes the Kosnian Revolution when the masses peacefully vanquished the Borschnian Democratic Republic and the figurative "blood" shed by the peoples of Kosnia for their freedom.
  • The red used in the Kosnian flag is identical to the Danish flag, symbolizing modernity and progress.
  • The width-to-length ratio of the red field is 2:3

The white emblem

  • The emblem is white to symbolize peace with its neighboring country, the Federal Republic of Floristania, and all nations of the Earth, including micronations.
  • The emblem consists of a stylized "K" within a shield.
  • The shield represents the strength and valor of the peoples of Kosnia and their objective to heed the call of the motherland should their nations ever be provoked by imperialist aggression.
  • The stylized "K" represents the first letter of the nation.
  • The stylized "K" also bears a resemblance to the silhouette of a folding-stock AK-47 with the stock disengaged. The two legs form the grip and magazine, and the horizontal line forms the length of the assault rifle (image provided below for reference).
  • The emblem (including the shield and "K") forms a square whose side-lengths correspond to 1/2 the red field's height and lies in the exact center of the field.
Folding stock AK-47.

Fun Fact: It took the Prime Minister of Kosnia ELEVEN TIMES to print the final flag. Only one side of the flag was printed for the first nine attempts, and the tenth one was accidentally severed by a paper guillotine (by the PM, of course!). The Prime Minister also joked that the red field in the flag should symbolize the blood, sweat and tears shed from the designing of the flag.

Politics of Kosnia

The Socialist Unity Party (SUP) is the founding and ruling political party of Kosnia. The SUP is the sole governing party within Kosnia, permitting only two other subordinate parties to co-exist, those making up the United Front. The party abruptly came into existence around 5:10 P.M. on May 2, 2020. The SUP is officially organised on the basis of democratic socialism. Day-to-day activities of the party are governed by the Politburo of the SUP. The SUP holds party congresses on the anniversary of its founding, enacted by the Prime Minister. The SUP also observes May Day as a public holiday.

The Solidaritat (SOL) Party and Agrarian Alliance (AA) Party are Kosnian satellite parties of the SUP founded on May 3, 2020. Solidaritat is nominally organised on the basis of democratic centralism, and Agrarian Alliance on agrarianism. They are part of the United Front. The United Front's only purpose is to give the impression that Kosnia is a pluralist society. In fact, all parties are entirely subservient to the SUP and have to officially accept the SUP's leading role as a condition of their existence.

SOL logo

People's Chamber

AA logo

The People's Chamber (usually abbreviated to the PC) is the highest organ of state power and the national legislature of Kosnia. With 1 member, it is the smallest legislative body in the world. The PC covenes on dates of relevance or on the Prime Minister's whim. It is structured as a unicameral legislature with de jure power to legislate. Western media sources describe the PC as a de facto rubber stamping body.

Party name Representation Ideology Leader
Socialist Unity Party (SUP)
0.80 / 1
Democratic socialism ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼
Solidaritat (SOL)
0.15 / 1
Democratic centralism N/A
Agrarian Alliance (AA)
0.05 / 1
Agrarianism N/A


Propaganda is widely produced and distributed by the government of Kosnia. Propaganda is based on Socialist ideology, the state, and devotion to the Socialist Unity Party. Many posters are created in the style of bold, contemporary "anti-fascist art".

SUP propaganda poster with national salute modelled after the pioneer salute.


The Prime Minister conceived and issued Korona banknotes to commemorate the founding of the Kosnian nation on April 4, 2020. Four denominations were issued: 20, 50, 100, and 200. The obverse features portrait of the Prime Minister, and the reverse depicts scenic landscapes. Each banknote is embossed with the official seal of Kosnia. The value of Korona is pegged to the USD, and the official exchange rate is 1 USD = 244.83 Kor (1 Kor ≈ $0.004).

20 Korona Specimen Banknote

National Mascot


Kosniaball is the national mascot of Kosnia and was created by the Prime Minister. He was finalized on April 28, 2020. Kosniaball is composed of a red body in the hue of the national flag, the national emblem in the center of his body and two large eyes. He has a passive-aggressive temperament and is often seen donning his signature maroon commando beret or a crimson fez. His main catchphrases are "Approve kebab!" and "Kosovo nije Srbija! (Kosovo is not Serbia!)".

Kosniaball with maroon commando beret.

Culture & Etiquette

Respect for age and status are very important in Kosnian culture, with hierarchy affecting all aspects of social interactions. Those of seniority are always addressed first. The Prime Minister is often referred to by his title or by Dear Leader and is revered in Kosnia due to his cult of personality. The most common way to address Kosnians is by calling them "comrade" and giving the pioneer salute*. Someone who has incurred the wrath of the state is instead only addressed as "citizen".

*The pioneer salute differs from that of the United States in that the right hand is raised sharply above the head with the arm at a 90° angle, the thumb pointing towards the head, and the palm facing slightly outwards, whereas U.S. salute has the hand raised only to the eyebrow with the palm facing down.

Foreign Relations

Kosnia recognizes all proclaimed macro and micronations, including Kosovo, Taiwan, and Molossia. On May 2, Kosnia established correspondence with the Fowardist Republic of Eastasia and on May 27, the Republic of New Saigon. On May 27, Kosnia was also invited to the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation by TitaniaGov, but declined the offer due to the nationwide ban on social-media instituted by the Prime Minister. On May 29, Kosnia registered as a Class 1 Diplomatic Ally of Eastasia.


Visitors to Kosnia will often see the Prime Minister himself conducting frontier duties at the Demilitarized Zone between Kosnia and Floristania. Visitors can also enter the Kosnian Mint, which issues banknotes and passports, under heavy guard.

Territorial Disputes

On April 28, 2020, 50% of the population (which reside in the southernmost region of Kosnia) threatened to form a break-away government. This would lose Kosnia a substantial amount of land and give neighboring Floristania an ally in the event of an armed conflict. Various solutions are being negotiated, including the establishment of an autonomous region.

Frequent border skirmishes often occur between Kosnia and Floristania, which often result in a stalemate or a couple of square inches of land being gained.

Black Lives Matter

Prime Minister ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼ wanted to show his support of the Black Lives Matter movement and, combined with his love of vexillology, created the BLM Peace Flag on July 4, 2020. The blue and white of the flag is the same as the UN to reflect the peaceful nature of the movement. The emblem consists of the letters BLM, which forms a peace symbol. It's proportions are 1:1. The proportions of the flag are 2:3, and the emblem is 0.65 of the width of the flag.

BLM Peace Flag.png
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