Royal Republic of Ladonia
Ladonian Flag125x123xladonian-seal.png.pagespeed.ic.ZbjXAKqIXb

Suum Cuique
(English: To Each His Own)

Two unnamed anthems
Capital city Wotan City
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch Queen Carolyn I
- President The President's Old Shoes
- State Secretary Lars Vilks
Legislature Cabinet of Ministers
Established June 2, 1996
Population 20,017 nomadic citizens as of 1/1/2018
Currency Örtug
Time zone LST (GMT +0:57)
National sport Stone Racing

Ladonia (Swedish: Ladonien) is a micronation, proclaimed in 1996 as the result of a years-long court battle between artist Lars Vilks and local authorities over two sculptures, Nimis and Arx. The claimed territory is an enclave in southern Sweden, on the Kullaberg peninsula. The capital of Ladonia is Wotan City.


The Government of Ladonia consists of the Queen, the Elected Officials (President, Vice President, and State Secretary) and the Cabinet of Ministers.

The President and Vice President are elected to 3 year terms via a triennial general election. The President is the candidate who wins the most votes, and the Vice President is the candidate who receives the second most votes. The President and Vice President generally do not run “on the same ticket” as in the United States.

The State Secretary position is currently held by Lars Vilks, and the position will not be open for election until he decides he no longer wants to be the State Secretary.

The Cabinet Ministers are responsible for proposing, debating, and voting on various acts and laws.


The flag of Ladonia is green with a green cross. The flag is green with a green nordic cross. The white outline of the cross is often depicted to emphasize the presence of the cross on the green field.


People can become citizens at the country's official website, [1]. Applying for citizenship is fairly easy; you must enter your name, email address, etc.