League of Micronations
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We shall stand together
"Global Peace"
Capital city New League Order City, Republic of Antarctica
Largest city Peaceland City, Republic of Antarctica
Official language(s) English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Russian, Filipino
- President Max I
- Vice President Jonah Nichols
- Provisional Secretary Luke I
Legislature General Assembly
- Type - Alliance
Established December 27, 2017 (as CoMN)

January 7, 2018 (as IML)

January 8, 2018 (as LoMN)
Currency Numus (£)
Internet Domain .lmn (proposed)

Official Website

Official Discord

The League of Micronations (LoMN) is a intermicronational organization, which is tasked to promote cooperation, order, and peace within the micronational community. The headquarters of the LoMN is located in New League Order City, Republic of Antarctica.

The organization is currently among the largest and active micronational organizations, with 77 member states, and 6 observer states.


  • Bring mutual protection and recognition to all members.
  • Collect as much information as we can about our members and spread it all around the world.
  • Bring help of all type to our members.
  • Bring peace and prosperity to the micronational community.
  • Promote cooperation between micronations.



Community of Micronations

After the alliance of Alimia with Vlasynia on December 27, 2017, the Community of Micronations was established. Egan, Ticrenium and New Rizalia joined soon after its foundation. The remnants of the CoM were later split from the League and reorganized as the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation on July 3, 2019.

Intermicronational League

The early foundations of the organization began on December 29, 2017, when Blade Buzzsaw (now Blade R. Jackson) of the Despotate of Ticrenium and Despot Denis of Vlasynia initiated diplomatic relations. The formation of the two’s relations eventually led to the establishment of the Intermicronational League

On January 6, 2018, the first flag, the ”Grand World”, was designed by Denis I. The following day, January 7, the Intermicronational League was officially established.


After a proposal by Boniface I of Alimia to merge the Community of Micronations and the Intermicronational League was accepted, the League of Micronations was formed on January 8, 2018. At its founding, the League of Micronations had 5 members: Alimia, Vlasynia, Egan, Titania (now Ticronvidia), and New Rizalia.


During its first few months of existence, the League experienced a period of rapid growth, with many micronations within the MicroNations Fandom community taking interest in the organization.

After the summer of 2018, activities within the League of Micronations began to stagnate. Eventually, the LoMN fell into a state of inactivity, with votes and referendums rarely taking place.

By the end of 2018, the organization had over eighty member states, most of whom were inactive within the League.


On New Years’ Day January 1, 2019, an election for the positions of President and Vice President was commenced. The elections ran until January 8, 2019, the first anniversary of the League’s establishment. Cameron Koehler of Ikonia became President, and Seann Torres of New Rizalia began his second term as Vice President.

Throughout January 2019, multiple reforms were passed which reshaped the League. The League began to thaw from its state of stagnation and activity began to increase. However, many of these reforms were controversial with the League’s members. Gradually, some member states began to oppose the leadership of President Koehler and called for him to be impeached. Tensions began to rise as the member states feuded. On January 28, 2019, an emergency assembly was held after the League descended into chaos. Several reforms were re-voted on. The next day, a short assembly was initiated to work out a compromise for those who disagreed with the reforms. This assembly was surprisingly peaceful, with little argument. For once, the organization seemed to finally begin to stabilize.

However, on January 30, 2019, a riot began within the organization, with many member states petitioning for the impeachment of Cameron Koehler. The LoMN discord was trashed and ultimately deleted, temporarily removing the League's medium for communication. President Cameron left his position soon after. Later, a backup discord was established, with many of the former member states joining.

Currently in the summer of 2019, the LoMN has an official charter, a Vice President (Weslie Ruiz) and an active assembly.

An election occurred on 6 October 2019, with Max I, Emperor of the Nottingham-Stinocolun Empire, winning but many members left after this.



The LoMN has 3 official member states.

# Flag Nation Capital Leader Population Joined
Nottingham-Stinocolun Empire Stevenshous Max I 75 6 October


Democratic Provinces of Wefren Wheatbourgh Jonah Nichols 8
New Emersonac City Emersonac Town Andrew Emersonac 102
Grand Duchy of Flario Vortani Grand Duchess Zara and Marcelduce


? 8 October


British Empire London George I 9 October



# Flag Name Capital Leader Population Joined
Free Belgica ? Raolin Chamberstar ? 8 October

2019 (as member);

12 October 2019 (as observer)


Flag Name Coat of Arms Capital Leader Population Date joined Date left Reason
Decent Republic The Decent Republic Decent-Rep-Seal Deerfield City Last President: James Robitaille 10 January 12, 2018 January 25, 2018 De-establishment
Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 6.08.40 AM The Kingdom of Lovinia Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 7.02.28 AM City of Lovinia, San Jose Last King:


6 Applied:

January 29, 2018

Withdrew application:

February 16, 2018

Princian Empire
Liverpool City Prince Joshua I N/A N/A N/A De-establishment
Principality of Greater Princia
Waterby Prince Joshua I 0-1 18th March 2019
Domain of Xospieca Domain of Xospieca
Xospiecan birdo
Mark McDaniel Well over 10 N/A Reunited with Laurencia
Usmax Federation Usmax Federation Steven Phares 1 N/A Reunited with Laurencia
Micro Italy- Cima Dynasty Micro-Italian Empire
Damian Cima Over 4 N/A
Laurencian Occupational Monarchy
Laurencian Occupational Empire
Lamb of God (Viva Laurencia)
New Israel Eric Thornton
Parsamaan Lippu
Republic of Broccoland
Broccolandian Coat of Arms
Broccow Ĉefo PierreFin 36 June

25, 2018


26, 2018


don't like Article II and

Article III

Flag of the Republic of Amra Republic of Amra Seal of the Republic of Amra Grana President Jack Hill N/A June 4, 2018 June 24, 2018 Nation is no longer operating
Kingdom of Holloway
Crenstan King Gabriel I 9 February 14, 2018 July 22, 2018 Inconveniences with the organization
MRT Flag Military Republic Of Texas N/A Austin Governor General Tyler 30 May 1, 2018 July 23, 2018 Left with yankee
Neu Prussia Königreich von Neu-Preußen
Neu Prussia coat of arms
Neu Berlin König Friedrich Schultz 12 May 1, 2018 July 23, 2018 Left with yankee
K-O Flag Duchy of Kearsarge-Oceania Kearsarge City King-Emperor Stephen I 6 June 18, 2018 July 23, 2018 Left with yankee
United Empire of Nirfo Teroden Emperor Leopold of Nirfo 10 February 5, 2018 July 31, 2018  Disagrees on  Political Article II
Leurcia Flag Leurcian Empire Leurcia Coat Neo Novidunum Emperor Lucian Caesar Augustus 500 June 19–23, 2018 August 20, 2018 Nation disestablished
Palermo Flag
Grand Duchy of Palermo
Itself (City State) Grand Duke Uber Megustador ? June 25, 2018 August 20, 2018 Nation disestablished
Federation of the Eastern Shores
Pokomoke City Chairman Jay Ruz 5 August 30, 2018 September 8, 2018 Issues with other members
Dada Dada Empire Dada Stema Dada City Emperor Adrian I 5 August 28, 2018 November 30, 2018 Nation disestablished
Flario Federation flag
Grand Duchy of Flario
Vortani Grand Duke Jerard I Unknown January 08, 2018 September 14, 2019 Inconsistency with organization
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-2
National Coat
Divellis Despot Denis I 11 January 08, 2018 September 14, 2019 Inconsistency with organization
Republic of New Rizalia
Coat of Arms of New Rizalia
Highland Province Seann Torres 61 January 08, 2018 September 16, 2019 Inconsistency with organization
Sableaurora (1)
Grand Duchy of Alimia
Coat of arms of Alimia
Kavajë Boniface I 2 people, 1 animal January 08, 2018 September 19, 2019 Inconsistency with organization

Major Non-LoMN allies

Flag Name Coat of Arms Capital Head of State Population
2runkelflag County of Runkel 2runkelcoatofarms Runkelstadt Count Theodoric V N/A
Republic of Wabashia The Republic of Wabashia N/A Samuel Corbin N/A
Flag of the Lurk Republic Noble Republic of Lurk Lurkcoa Redwood City Alex White 6
Flag of Terrexa Terrexa N/A President Lincoln N/A

Security Council

Permanent ("Big 3"):


Name of

the Ministry

Name of the



Trade Organization

Ministry of Trade and Stocks
Ministry of

Forreign Affairs

Ministry of Space
Ministry of Law and Order
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Puppets and Colonies


Principal Organ Purpose Members
General Assembly Consists of all LoMN member states; responsible for voting on issues, elects the non-permanent members of other branches All LoMN member states
Micronational Court of Justice Made up of 7 judges elected by the General Assembly; responsible for deciding on disputes and cases between micronations, judicial branch Emperor William, King Charlie, King and President Davis, Talamhcliste Impireacht,
Intermicronational Trade Organization Responsible for the regulation of transactions between micronations; 10 members and a Director are elected to head the organization

Currency and Trade

See also: Intermicronational Trade Organization

The official currency of the League of Micronations is the Numus. Its concept was proposed by President Seann Torres of New Rizalia, who designed the first numus banknote. President Blade Buzzsaw of the First Titanist Union and President Jerard Benitez of the Flario Federation also helped develop the currency.

The order of currency is, Ligos, Argento, Numus, Supernumus, Meganumus, Ultranumus, Ordum, Ultraordum

A branch of the LoMN, the Intermicronational Trade Organization (ITO) regulates trade within the League. The organization officially uses the Numus in micronational transactions.


The flag, known as the “Starred Globe”, which is now on its second form, has a white circle with the shape of a five-cornered star inside of it. symbolizing the world. Two Greek-style olive branches symbolizing independence, courage, and peace, surround the circle, while the blue background symbolizes the sky and sea.

Flag History

Community of micronations The Uniter (December 27, 2017 – January 8, 2018, from the Community of Micronations)

IL Flag Grand World (January 7, 2018 – February 15, 2018)

38E8F9D3-8EB3-4F7B-9455-10783631EC03 Starred Globe (February 15, 2018 – January 8, 2019), (January 30, 2019 - Present)

389D381C-2007-492C-B2C6-F345360F1D56 Peaceful Unity (January 8, 2019 - January 30, 2019)

Positive Relations

Flag Name Members Capital Head of State Reason
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.58.28 PM
Micronational Union of Northern, Central, and Southern American Sovereign States United Empire of Laurencia,Ticrenium Grand Duchy of Alimia, Egan, New Yankeeland and Grand Principality of Holloway. Mwriim, Laurencia Emperor Eno of Laurencia All members on the MUNCSASS are LoMN member states.
LoRMN Flag League of Romanian Micronations Vlasynia, Libertia, New Emersonac City, Tequrovidea, Istriei, Federal Chempin Republic and more N/A Despot Denis I Most members of the LoRMN are LoMN member states.

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