Leopold, Emperor of Nirfo
Emperor of Nirfo
Beginning of office:
20th January 2018 - 4th February 2019 / April 1st 2019 - Present
Predecessor N\A
Successor Will be Stephan of Nirfo
Sovereign of New Laurencia
Length of office:
April 10th 2018 - April 30th 2018
Predecessor King Osborne (As king of the Confederate States)
Successor Crown Prince Jared (As Prince of New Laurencia)
Emperor of the Lundinian Empire
Length of office:
January 1st 2018 - June 1st 2018
Predecessor N/A
Successor Emperor Maximillian I of Lundinia
Prime Minister of Lennystan
Length of office:
June 2015
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Position Abolished
Leader of the World Life Gang
Length of office:
January 1st 2019 - Present
Predecessor Jack of the Word Life Gang
Personal Info
Personal information
Born December 28th 20**
Citizenship Nirfoese

(Also British)

Nationality Nirfoese
Ethnicity White
Relations Emperor Maximilian (Brother)

Stephan (Brother)

Residence Nirfoese Government HQ
Religion Agnostic Atheist
The United Empire of Nirfo  is the nation that Leopold rules over and will rule until death \ or  being deposed by someone else.He was crowned at 18:00 and made an oath to bring glory to Nirfo.

But in February 2019 he was forced to abdicate the throne in favor of a Provisional Commonwealth government. But in late March Leopold's Takeover occurred and Leopold I became head of state again as Emperor.

Early life (??? - 2017)

Not much is known to do with life before Nirfo.

Lennystan (June 2015 - July 2015)

In the summer of 2015 during a game with 4 other kids they made a country lead by Lenny who appointed everyone a job. Leo became Prime minister of Lennystan and joined the short lived army. Soon the Park War broke out and everything fell apart, for the day the war was happening he supported Lenny then defected to the others.

Pre - Nirfo (November 2017 - December 2017)

In this period no proper Micronations had existed in our area in the past (although we are still looking) so it was a blank canvas, Leo had found out about Micronations from Discord and so set a date for independence. A flag was designed on December 27th which is still on Leopold's door.


Original design circa 2017


Family tree

Events of raign (January 2018 - February 2019)

United Empire of Nirfo

January - Crowned Emperor

February - Opens diplomatic ties with LoMN

March - Exodus of Undesirables and War against terror.

April - Fixes economy and Cracks down on Communism, along with Helping New Laurencia invade Laurencia.

May - Invades Daelitheria and Holds the first TASMO election.

June - Reinstalled New Laurencia and Hosts the 2018 Microvision Song Contest.

July - Installed a new Duchess for Ionfo,Improved the Average Income of Citizens and Left the League after it became Stail.

August - The Emperor surveys the area that in March had been attacked by Nirfo,New Laurencia is reformed again and put under the rule of his uncle.

September - Emperor Leopold celebrates his sister's Birthday.

October -  The Nirfoese Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints is founded, which some believe lead to the Autumn Riots that started later in the month.

November - Stopped the autumn riots with the help of the Nirfoese Defense Bureau.

December - Made a number of speeches on Nirfoese ideals. Later in the month close supervisors made reports of some qualities that could impact his ability to rule.

January - His Imperial Majesty celebrates the 1st anniversary of him finding to the throne. It is made official that a Provisional government would be instated in February.

February - Leopold I is forced to abdicate the throne.

2nd United Empire of Nirfo

April - In the 1st, Leopold is re-crowned Emperor of Nirfo.


Transgender -  After being assaulted by a tranny and after already disliking the movement he turned fully against them.

Political Views

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