Leurcian Empire
Imperiul Leurcian (Romanian)
Imperium Leurcianum (Latin)
Leurcia Flag
Leurcia Coat
Coat of Arms

Vetus est cinis de novo orta est
"Arisen anew from the old one's ashes"
Legion's song
Leurcian Empire MapMap of the Leurcian Empire within Romania
Leurcian Empire Map Close
Closeup map of the Empire; Controlled territory shown in dark green; Land under military occupation shown in light green.
Capital city Neo Novidunum
Largest city Neo Novidunum
Official language(s) Romanian, Latin
Official religion(s) Orthodox
Short name Leurcia
Demonym Leurcian
Government Absolute monarchy
- Imperator 2018-2018; 2019-Present
Lucian Caesar Augustus
Established Empire declared:
June 21, 2018;
Libertinian ocupation:
April 15, 2019;
Independent Empire restored:
July 22, 2019;
Area claimed ? km2
? sq mi
Population Unknown
Currency Leurcian Denar,Romanian Leu
Time zone UTC+2
Summer (DST): UTC+3
Internet Domain .le (Proposed)


Leurcian Empire (or Leurcia, for short) (Romanian: Imperiul Leurcian) (Latin: Imperium Leurcianum) is a micronation. It was first established on the 21st of June 2018 when then-President Lucian Augustin of the former Leurcian Republic declared himself Emperor Lucian Caesar Augustus, ending the Republic and starting the Empire. He claims descendance from Syagrius, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Soissons, a former rump state of the Western Roman Empire and, as a result, he revived the Syagrian Dynasty, which currently rules Leurcia. After some time Libertia puppeted it, but on the 22nd of July 2019 Emperor Lucian Caesar Augustus declared independence and restored the Empire. 


End of the Republic and beginning of the Empire

Ever since the establishment of the Leurcian Republic on the 21st of June 2008, on Lucian Augustin's 7th birthday, it had existed in a ten-year long period of isolationism and peace, when no diplomatic relations of any kind were made and nothing about the state's existence was written on the Internet. During that period, the Leurcian nation prospered and flourished, functioning as a stable democratic, capitalist Republic, with Lucian as President. During this time Augustin only focused on internal affairs and made sure his nation would flourish. He proved himself over the years to be a capable, competent and skilled leader, gaining the sympathy and support of his people. Because of that he was re elected in the two consecutive presidential elections in 2012 and 2016.

On the 21st of June 2018, on Lucian's 17th Birthday, exactly 10 years after the Republic was proclaimed, he gathered a large portion of his population in his backyard and delivered a speech in which he declared, amongst others, that the decade-old period of isolationism and peace was over and it was time for Leurcia to show the world its might. Then, he declared the abolishment of the Republic and then declared himself Emperor, assuming the title "Lucian Caesar Augustus, of Roman blood; Descendant of Syagrius, fallen King of the Romans; Emperor of the Leurcian Empire and its peoples; Rightful successor of Rome and carrier of its glory". In response, the people that were gathered there all cheered: "Long live the Leurcian Empire! Hail our Emperor, Lucian! (x10)". This event officially marked the beginning of the Leurcian Empire.

Imperial Era

Even since he became Emperor, Lucian immediately started making plans for expansion and diplomacy. So far he had joined the League of Micronations and the League of Romanian Micronations. Also, diplomatic relations with Vlasynia-Dartiria, Palermo and Libertia were established.

Military campaigns

At sunrise on the 24th of June 2018, after having prepared his army, Emperor Lucian marched a 50-strong legion from his home city of Cernavoda into the neighbouring island. The invasion lasted one day and a half. In the meantime two other smaller islands to the South were occupied, as well and the Imperial Navy was used to transport some of the troops across the rivers. After the end of said invasion, the Island was annexed and the Capital of Neo Novidunum was built near the coastal area of said island. Also, with this annexation, Leurcia acquired a border with Bulgaria at the very south tip.
On the 4th of July 2018, news spread out that Al Dahra, an agricultural company from the United Arab Emirates bought the Great Braila Island. Lucian was outraged by the fact and, in response, assembled another 50-strong legion, prepared the Navy again and launched an invasion of both the Great Braila Island and the Small Braila Island of the North. After three days, both of the Braila Islands, as well as a few smaller islands in the area were under Leurcian occupation. They were eventually annexed, but put under military occupation. The said islands have remained under military occupation ever since.

New era

After it disolved, Libertia took the land and declared it The Libertinian Republic of Leurcia.

Restoration of the Empire

On the 22nd of July 2019, Emperor Lucian returned to his micronational affairs and saw that the nations of Libertia had puppeted his former nation. Not wanting that to happen, he declared independence on the same day and thus restored the Leurcian Empire and overthrew the Libertinian yoke.


Flag Country Relation type
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-2
Vlasynia Alliance, Diplomatic relations, LoRMN
Libertia steag-1
Libertia Alliance, Diplomatic relations, LoRMN
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