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Leyton William Furlong
IMG 6878.JPG
Emperor of the Chianian Empire (House of Furlong)
Assumed office:
April 22nd, 2018 September 17th, 2018 (As Emperor)
Predecessor Adolf Bauer
Successor Incumbent (Hear to the Throne of Furlong)
Resting place Presumed plot at Mt. Olivet Cemetery St Joseph Missori
Citizenship USA, Kingdom of Heaven, Chianian Empire
Nationality Chianian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Furlongist party Of Chian
Domestic partner It's sorta complicated...
Residence Neu Vienna, Chianian Empire
Religion Christian (Presbyterian Reformed)
Military service
Allegiance Chianian Empire
Rank Generalissimo
Battles/wars 4 Month War

Chianian Civil War The Great Wiki Raids

Leyton William Furlong is the Emperor of Republic of Chian (East Germany). He has been in power since April 22nd, 2018 after the micronation Tyksrr collapsed.


Upon taking power on April 22nd, 2018, Leyton Furlong implemented immediate policies eliminating the previous communist Government and added in free market policies and a stock market.

However, he soon implemented himself as Supreme Leader while setting up a puppet Parliament while still holding democratic elections.

During the period from April 22nd to September 17th, Leyton established himself as a military dictator over Chian (yet quite a benevolent one).

During this time however, he reintroduced the use of the Stasi and the UTTP (Utube troll police) as Secret Police and was responsible for a massive raid on random wikis. Yet at the same time he increased the use of the free market as well as negotiated peace with former enemy factions to Chian.

On September 17th, facing the republic's collapse, Leyton Furlong declared himself Emperor of Chian and established the house of furlong as well as creating a demilitarized zone around Titanian Gower.
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