Libertinianism is the official ideology of Libertia and Westy Republic and other parties like:

-LIP (Libertinian Istrian Party).


Principle 1: No one is to be harassed for their color, religion, or nationality.

Principle 2: Everyone shall have equal rights and if someone is very poor, the party/country shall help them to reinforce the said person's general wellbeing.

Principle 3: The President of the Libertinian party/country is not elected democratically, but instead will be succeeded by the next President in line - or they shall be replaced if the people declare they no longer want a President.

Principle 4: Healthcare, education, and hospitalization are free to all people.

Principle 4A: Higher education and special medical interventions (Ex: heart surgery/going to college) will cost money (Ex: buying the heart/taxes).

Principle 4A.1: The Libertinian state/party will try to support higher education and special interventions with money, but shall not pay for it all.

Principle 5: The symbols of the Libertinian ideology are the Star and the Double Star, which represent Craciunoiu Petru, the founder of the ideology or the leader of the Libertinian country/party.

Principle 6: Libertinianism is a peaceful ideology. It does not condone war and is anti-terror, but takes a defensive stance. The Libertinianist country/party may fight against an enemy in defense of the said country/party's land.

Principle 6A: In case a war breaks out where the Libertinian party/country is located, the country/party must attempt to end the fighting as soon as possible to maintain peace.

Principle 6B: If the Libertinian party/country has a puppet state, the puppet (state) will fight for a period of 5–6 months, and then it will have the right to decide whether to fight again or not.

Principle 6C: The period in which the puppet state fights against the party/country is called the Deux period, and if more nations are involved, it is called the Trois period, and so on.

Principle 7: Every citizen shall have the right to a place to sleep, a job, and a decent salary to live off of.

Principle 8: Libertinianism takes a leftist stance on the environment, as well as social issues.

Principle 9: People do not require a license to sell things except for certain items (see 9A).

Principle 9A: People will need a license for selling the following: cigarettes, medicine, firearms, exotic animals and medicinal drugs.

Principle 10: Nature and the environment shall be preserved at almost any cost.

Principle 11: Everyone, regardless of race, sex, religion, and political leaning shall be paid equally.

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