Below is a compiled list of micronation organizations or federations.

Flag or logo Organization Headquarters Head of organization Members
League of Micronations Discord N/A On wikia article
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Grand Unified Micronational

News Site :

On website On website
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation Discord N/A On wikia article
Micronation Treaty Organization Edaqe, Barslow Prime Minister of Barslow
North-Western Alliance Flag
North-Western Alliance New Gettysburg King Stephen I
Micronations United for Progress Beruga City, Principality of Catryus

Mr. Anthony B.

(In functions)

United Micronations Organisation Stevenstillian, Outakirts Province, Stenall Max I, King of Stenall
IML Lippu
Union of Independent Micro-States Nettle City, V&V Confederation Walrusland's president Mursuvaari
Council of Micronations.octet-stream
Council of Micronations City of the Council, International Territory, the Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova Chairman Councilor Jacob of Ya'akova The Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova
Alliance of Micronational Crowns None Prince Joshua I On wikia article
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Micronational Union of Northern, Central, and Southern American Sovereign States None, but founders on wikia article
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