If you are a prominent micronationalist on this wiki, feel free to add your birthday if it is not already there. Please fix any mistakes! The purpose of this page is for micronationalists to keep track of each other's Birthdays and wish each other a happy Birthday.



  • March 20th - Chancellor Eno of Laurencia
  • March 30th - John I of Westfield
  • March 31th - Sir Jorge Marín


  • April 18th - King Luke of InfinityLand
  • April 26th - King Miro Haapalainen of Felzand


  • May 1st - Leader Nico Ivey of The Republic Of Olwyn
  • May 6th - Summi Imperitoris Christopher Nowell of The Republic of Cycoldia
  • May 9th - President David of the DSR
  • May 20th - President Craciunoiu Petru of Libertia
  • May 25th - Governor Anson Skirāta of Basildon IV of the F.R.N.
  • May 27th - Mayor Satanás Z. of Alimia
  • May 29th - Emperor Andrei I of the Dartirian Empire
  • May 31st - Prime Minister Alan Coffin of Alanland



  • July 6th - King Jahonnes Tyurukstein of Ticronvidia
  • July 8th - President C of Apachiland
  • July 13th - King James I Of Valdenya
  • July 30th - President Kevin Baugh of Molossia




  • November 3rd - Nico (General Secretary Of Nicostan)


  • December 6th - Jerard Benitez of Flario
  • December 10th - Aydo Kimyona of Egan
  • December 17th - Grand Duke Boniface I of Alimia
  • December 18th - Nathan Holmes-King, Chancellor of NZRE
  • December 28th - Emperor Leopold of Nirfo
  • December 29th - Duchess Atifete I of Alimia
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