Loopert Entertainment is a movie and comic company from Flario. It was founded by Jerard and his 3 friends.


It was founded in 2015 by Jerard Benitez, Essa Alkhaldi, and 2 others. Back then, the idea of movies never reached Jerard's mind so he went with comics to distribute every lunch and recess. The most well known comics at the time were:

  1. Nowheresville
  2. Zombie Highway
  3. Savage Moon
  4. The Underwater kingdom

Nowheresville was about a city in the middle of nowhere. It's on the Canadian map but driving there will be cruel. It's one of the weirdest cities with some of the weirdest people.

Zombie Highway was about certain people trying to survive the apocalypse. Every season had one group of people featured and they all die one by one. However one of them will be fortunate enough to survive and join another group. The last season involves a very small group consisting of Rick, Remington, Fred, and Father Bernard.

Savage Moon is about the colonisation of moons of planets outside of the Solar System. However, things go wrong before they realise there is a traitor in their midst.

The Underwater kingdom is about a fish that became friends with an eagle who could build stuff to help him fight The Master Thief Hermit Crab, The Brawler Tiger Shark, and The Diabolical Genius Dr. Jellyfish. With Delton the Eagle and Hank the Sea Urchin's help, they will fight the three baddies who are messing up the Underwater Kingdom.

Soon more joined. After the number reached 10 people, Jerard appointed them to certain positions:

  • Jerard: President of Loopert
  • Essa: Vice President and Director of Comics
  • Hamoud: Deputy Director of Comics
  • Vishan: Director of Distribution
  • Samantha: Head Writter

But soon, after Jerard left Bahrain and his friends, the company went downhill. He left the running of the company to Essa but he wasn't ready. Everything messed up and Hamoud left. Soon Samantha left as well because she attended a different school. And soon, the company was about to be abandoned. But Jerard was still technically part of it. That's why when the old members left, he was the last Founder in it. He went on to create movies and the first one was The Trade of Guns.

Name of Movie Type of Movie Director Written by Starring
Trade of Guns Fantasy Jerard Benitez Jerard Benitez Jerard Benitez, Zara Benitez, a bunch of stuffed toys
The Hypogean Invasion Fantasy Jerard Benitez Jerard Benitez Jerard Benitez, a bunch of stuffed toys
Baron von Schnitzelpenn Horror Jerard Benitez Jerard Benitez Jerard Benitez, a bunch of stuffed toys

Soon, the popularity of the company skyrocketed and now it's the most profitable company in Flario with 400,000,000 Monero as their total assets followed by Woof Inc. and Meowmere and Co.

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