Lundinian Empire

Our House our Empire And/or Shrouded in Glory (In the United Empire of Nirfo)
Capital city Teroden
Largest city Teroden
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Agnostic
Demonym Nirfoese
Government Imperial Monarchy
Established 1st January 2018 (As Nirfo) 30th May 2018 (As Lundinian Empire)
Population 4
Currency Nirfoese Pound
Time zone TMT +00:30
Internet Domain .LUN

The Lundinian Empire was the Head of the United Empire of Nirfo. After the installation of the Provisional Commonwealth of Nirfo Lundian Emperor Maximillian continued to refuse integration into nirfo. It's recognition is debated as it technically was part of Nirfo so should be part of the Commonwealth.


Most of Lundinian history was overshadowed by Nirfo but news came that the Emperor of Nirfo had been ousted from Lundinia by his brother sometime in June 1, 2018. When Leopold, Emperor of Nirfo announced that he would abdicate on the 4/2/19 and a new micronation The Provisional Commonwealth of Nirfo would take over it out to question whether Maximillian I will stay in charge which he strongly says that he will stay as Emperor whether the Commonwealth likes it or not.

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