King Max I is the Emperor of the Nottingham-Stinocolun Empire. He was formerly King of Stenall and Strankisvania and King of Bertia.

Max I, Emperor of the Stinocolun-Nottingham Empire
Emperor of the Nottingham Stinocolun Empire, King of Falalia, and Head of the League of Micronations
Emperor of the Nottingham-Stinocolun Empire(With Luke I from 2 August 2019)
Reign 28 October 2018 - June 15 2019 (Stenall)

9 February 2019 - June 15 2019 (Strankisvania) 2 August-present(Nottingham-Stinocolus)

Coronation 28 October 2018
Predecessor Prince Marionus (Mythical)
Successor Darya Agarkova, Princess of Stenall and Strankisvania

Jonah Nichols

Orin Harley

Title abolished

King of Bertia
Reign 11 August - 17 October 2008

25 February 2019 - present (alongside Peter I)

Coronation 11 August 2008
Predecessor Harrison I
Successor Peter I
Vice-Prime Minister of Bertia
Reign 2 February 2005 - 11 August 2008
Successor Joseph Young
Count of Guys Marsh
In office 5 September 1998 - 4 July 2003
Coronation 1 August 1999
King of Tyleria
Reign 18 November 2018 - 15 February 2019
Predecessor King Tyler I
Successor Tyler I, First King of Tyleria
Spouses Chloe Wit (m. 2013. div. 2016)
Lindsey Addams (m. 2016. div. 2017)
Evie Wray (m. 2017. div. 2018)
Bethany Code (m. 2018. div. 2019)
Melany Henna (m. 2019)
Full name
Max John Christopher Taylor
House House of Taylor
Father Sir James Chapman
Mother Donna, Queen Mother
Born 5 September 2008
Guy’s Marsh, England
Occupation Monarch
Religion Christian

Early life

Max was born to a normal family in a small hamlet in Dorset, Guys Marsh, His father died when Max was an infant. Living at Guys Marsh, he had a normal childhood, but with one dream, to become the Worlds Emperor and even claimed himself the title Count of Guys Marsh.

School life and Bertia

He entered school in 2013 and met Joseph Young, Harrison I and George Heywood, who had the same dream and they formed the Micronation, Bertia two years later. Max was crowned King in 2018 after Harrison’s abdication to become Prime Minister, but Max left the countries government soon after because of Max and Joseph splitting up from Harrison and George due to an argument the government about a new law (the Imagine Law) only Max and Joseph did not approve of.


Max was crowned on October 28 2018 in Blandford, Dorset, He then joined the PaLsian Union hours after. A day later, Max conquered The Sentinel Islands near India . Making its stone age inhabitants circus performers.

Overthrowing Tyleria

On November 12 2018, Stenall successfully took the local micronation of Tyleria over.

Loss of the Sentinel Islands and gain of Stenallian Milldown

On December 1st 2018, Max received a letter from the Indian Government, saying that Max should either give the Sentinel Islands to India (who ‘owned’ the Islands before Max took them) or there would be war. Max gave the islands back reluctantly. The king, sad after the loss of the Sentinel Islands, formed a new colony at the local field, known as ‘The Milldown’.

Granting titles

Max also granted lots of titles during the era. These being

  1. Daniel, Earl of Mere
  2. Clive, Duke of Exeter
  3. Lisa, Lady of Spetsbury
  4. Oliver, Duke of Tress

Tylerian Ambush

From December 16 2018 - January 25 2019, Max was violently ambushed by supporters of Tyler I, First King of Tyleria, who was trying to retake Tyleria from the King. Tyler was then taken hostage by the Stenallian military and advisors.

Tylerian Revolt

During January, Max and supporters, including Joseph Young , Oscar Thow, Orin Harley and Oliver, Duke of Tress. The revolt was soon dissolve.

Merge with Strankisvania

Stenall and Strankisvania merges to become the Stenallian-Strankisvanian Kingdom. Max started to reign alongside the former Vice-President of Strankisvania, Darya Agarkova. On the 12th, Darya left and founded her own Republic.

Council of Princes

On February 22 2019, Max formed the Council of Princes, which made Max co-monarch alongside President Jonah and Orin Harley and the same day Max claimed the City of Irving in the Seyber Man Army.

Revival of Bertia

On February 25 2019, Peter I declared himself King of Bertia and Max was made Co-King with him.


On June 15 2019, Max and Jonah formed the United Empire of Stinocolus. Jonah Nichols is appointed consul and Oliver Godling of the Stuck Party is elected Prime Minister.

Under Max I, the nation joins the Alliance of Micronational Crowns. Electroneum is also adopted as the country's first national cryptocurrency. The SA calendar is created too and is implemented into the UES.

War of Suspicion

A brief conflict with the Banana Republic of Egan and Pennsylvania occured on June 16 2019 over the suspicion of Pennsylvanian troops sent to Egan after saying an odd comment about Stinocolus, the short war ended the next day with a white peace.


Max I gave himself the side title King of Northumbria, to use with his side territory, the Kingdom of Northumbria. He was also made Acting Prime Minister of Flario.

Stinocolun Civil War

A Rebellion for the abolition of the monarchy started in Stuck on June 24, lead by Prime Minister Oliver Godling, who was later evicted and party dissolved. Elections for Prime Minister were done in the nation, with Jonah Nichols winning the position. The rebellion failed the next day and the Republican Party was dissolved as Oliver Godling had switched sides in the 3rd Siege of Stuck.

Prime Minister troubles

Oliver Godling was made Duke of Stuck, he would form the United Front for Democracy, a party determined to make Consul an elective office and limiting the Emperors power. Oliver Godling came back as Prime Minister on the first day of July. Oliver Godling was later impeached by the Emperor on 4 July. Oliver Wilbie was then made Acting Prime Minister. The very next day, Oscar Though was elected Prime Minister.

United Imperial Empire Coup

On July 6 2019, with the support of Flario, Max I is crowned United Imperial Emperor, this begins a long dispute between Max I and the Archduke of Pennsylvania.


Shortly after there was a long argument and war between Max I and Caden about the UIE.


On 23 July 2019, Stinocolus became a dominion of the Nottingham Empire. He would also serve as PM of Falalia and MP for West Nottingham during this time. There was also another Civil War where Stuck would gain it’s independence.

Imperial Era

On 2 August 2019, Stinocolus, along with Falalia, united with the Nottingham Empire to form the Nottingham-Stinocolun Empire.



The Playground Association - Special Achievers Award (2014, 2015, 2017)


Manhuntia - Universal Award for Players (2018)


Title Predecessor Succesor Held from Held Until
King of Stenall Title established Himself as King of the SSK 28 October 2018 15 June 2019
King of Bertia Harrison I Harrison Ias Governor of Oscaria and Bertia 11 August 2018 July 9 2019
Emperor of India George VI Title abolished 28 October 2018 3 December 2018
Vice-Prime Minister of Bertia Title established Joseph Fung 2 February 2005 11 August 2008
Count of Guy’s Marsh Title established Title abolished 5 September


4 July 2013
Head of United Micronations 3 January 2019 15 June 2019
King of Tyleria Tyler I Tyler I 19 December 2018 15 February 2019
Crown Prince of Bertia Title established Joseph Fung 2 February


11 August 2018
Duke of Wareham Title abolished 5 January 2019 15 June 2019
Governor of Wake Province (alongside Oliver, Duke of Tress) Oliver Godling as King of Manhuntia Oliver Godling as Governor of Stuck
Leader of Tylerian Revolt Tyler I as King of Tyleria Tyler I as King of Tyleria 26 January 2019
Chief of Tyleria (during Stenallian Occupation) 17 December 2018
King of France (titular) Louis-Philippe Title abolished 8 February 2019 15 June 2019
King of Strankisvania Jonah Nichols as President of Strankisvania 9 February 2019
Titular Mayor of Irving Logan I as King of Seyber Man Army 22 February 2019
Grand Prince of Muda Title established 26 February 2019
Emperor of Nirfo (disputed) Leopold I Leopold I 28 February 2019
Emperor of Stinocolus Title established Current 15 June 2019 Current
Duke of British Colombia
Governor of England (also King of Northumbria from 18 June 2019)
United Imperial Emperor (disputed) Charles II Daniel of Stinocolus July 6 2019 July 14 2019
Flarian Baronet Title established Current 12 July 2019 Current
President-elect of the Alliance of Micronational Crowns (Disputed) Luke I of Nottingham Empire Luke I of Nottingham Empire 17 July 2019 21 July 2019
Acting Prime Minister of Stinocolus Oliver Wilbie Oliver Godling 21 July 2019 22 July 2019
Prime Minister of Falalia Sir Phillip Boegenville Title abolished

Andrew I as King

22 July 2019 2 August 2019
MP for West Nottingham Title established Current 29 July 2019 Current
Co-Emperor of Nottingham Empire (Alongside Luke I) Luke I as Sole Emperor 2 August 2019
MP for Stevenshous Himself as Governor
Leader of Flandras Imperial Party Title established 9 August 2019
Leader of the Gamers Imperial Party
Parliament Member of the British Empire
Senator in Fesmar 10 August 2019
MP in Fesmar 14 August 2019


Max has acted in some plays and films

Title Role Release Date Type Notes
Shapwick 2002 Nativity Shepherd Nov 2012 Play
Blandford 2003 Nativity Donkey Nov 2013
Rhymes around the Christmas Tree Child Singing Nov 2014 Max wasn’t actually in the production due to him being ill on the day.
Where the Wild Things Are Wild Thing May 2015
Hoodwinked: The Story of Robin Hood Bob B Baxter Jan 2016 Though being a minor character, Max played the most popular character due to his famous line “Imma Veggie”
Reach for the Stars Luke July 2018 Max wasn’t in production due to being ill, Role taken by good friend of Oscar Thow, Rufus Parker
Super Smash Bros Bowser Jr, Mii 3 2020 Film
Mobius Rush Dr Eggman, Knuckles
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