Emperor Maximillian I
Emperor of the Lundinian Empire
Beginning of office:
1st June 2018
Predecessor Emperor Leopold of Nirfo
Successor N/A
Personal information
Born January 2015 (Age 4)
Citizenship British


Nationality Nirfoese


Ethnicity White
Relations Emperor Leopold I of Nirfo (Brother)
Religion Anglican

Early life (2015 - Now)

Currently Emperor Maximillian I is a younger royal but has had a fruitful childhood.

Events of Reign (June 2018 - Present)

June - Becomes Emperor of Lundinian Empire.

July - Makes a official Diplomatic visit to the rest of Nirfo,He also Invests in the new populous to match Nirfoese standerds.

August - Nothing eventful happens.

September - Sends the first email on the Nirfoese Internet.

October - Like his brother Emperor Leopold I of Nirfo, Maximillian condemns The Free Front.

November - Nothing eventful happens.

December - Makes new laws for The Lundinian Empire regarding the celebration of Christmas which this brother allows to go ahead.

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