Logo of MicroComic (since Season Two)
Author(s) Andrew Creed
Current status / schedule Inactive
Launch date 11 August 2012
Alternate name(s) MicroComics
Publisher(s) User:Sabovia
Genre(s) Political satire, micronationalism.
Preceded by MicroBall

MicroComic was a satirical expose of micronational events. The author and illustrator of MicroComic was Andrew Creed. The series started on August 11, 2012 and followed the life of Smallia (Season One), and then Sabovia in Season 2.


MicroComic is fully owned by Andrew Creed. MicroComic differs from his predecessor MicroBall as it's fully owned by one individual whilst MicroBall is in public domain.


The comic has caused controversy, and the Saxon Empire has even went so far as to call it "offensive" as they were portrayed in MicroComics as an "old creepy man", Creed defended the portrayal saying that 

"[the] Saxon Empire is portrayed as an old man to show the age of the Saxons, I wasn't trying to cause any offense. I'm not changing it."
(Andrew Creed)

Several other Governments complained that the MicroComic was centered on Sabovia and the comic was biased, but Creed replied by acknowledging that MicroComic was from the micronational viewpoint of his nation, but wasn't intended to be biased.


Season One: The Original Series

Season One premiered on August 11, 2012 and ended January 1, 2013. The first season received generally positive feedback, several governments requested that their nation be added to the universe of MicroComic, however many of them weren't involved in any big events as required to be added into a comic. Season One was based off the popular satire comic Scandinavia and the World.

The Cross-Over Specials

"The Cross-Over Specials" (originally known as Season Two) premiered December 21, 2013. The Specials include characters from the Season One Era and the upcoming Season Two Era. Creed created the specials for an easier transition between the the original season and the reboot.


Smallia (Sabovia) is the only nation to feature in all five episodes of MicroComic.


Characters include those shown in the following pictures, they are shown in order of appearance.  

Season One

Season Two:

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