What It Is

The Micronation Treaty Organization (MTO) is a group of micronations who try and help each other out. Founded on December 18th by the Barslonian Government to help bring micronations together. Feel free to join the MTO whenever you want, just add your information to the page, you don't have to ask.

3 Requirements of the Micronation Treaty Organization

  1. Cannot be in war with any other members
  2. Cannot have overlapping land claims with another member
  3. Cannot be satirical


Flag Country When It Joined
Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 10.36.52 AM
Barslow, The Republic of December 18th, 2018
Nerdanian Flag
Nerdania, The Republic of December 18th, 2018
Nottingham EmpireFlag
Nottingham Empire December 18th, 2018
Arsenia, The Republic of December 19th, 2018
Molco, Flag-0
Molco March 26th, 2019 (disestablished in April 12th,2019)
United States of Molco April 12th,2019 (Molco's Successor)
United Kingdom of YorkshireFlag
The United Kingdom of Yorkshire March 26th, 2019
Li flag 1 (1)
Republic Of Long Island March 27th, 2019
The Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova March 27th, 2019

Observer States

Flag Country Joined
Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 4.26.46 PM
Wallville December 20, 2018
Federal Republic of Lovinia May 24, 2019
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