The Micronational Football League was a professional American football league consisting of 5 teams. The MFL was one of the first major micronational football leagues in North America. It was founded on November 2nd, 2018 by His Majesty Cameron Koehler, and the commissioner was Mason Farrell.

Joining Process

Every team that joined the MFL had to follow the 4 golden rules ™.

  1. All micronations that join has to have a population of 10 or more excluding the founder or commissioner
  2. All micronations that join have to have a reasonable land claim
  3. Micronations that join will be supplied a logo, wordmark, and a uniform logo, if you do not like the logo please consult the commissioner.
  4. MFL teams that do not engage in sportsmanship or kind to the other team can be disqualified on the Commissioner's request

After they confirmed their micronation has followed these 4 rules you must send a letter to describing the team, logo wise, and where they originate from. His Majesty Cameron Koehler sent the discord link for the MFL and your team was either be accepted or denied.


The MFL had 5 teams:

No. Team Name Official logo Micronation
1 Uvenia Uriens
Kingdom of Ikonia
2 Sachsburg Templars
Grand Duchy of Duschvaria
3 Sehconey Bucks
Commonwealth of Wenonah
4 New Gettysburg Black Knights
Kingdom of Novanglia
5 Stenall Black Cats Stenall


The first season of the MFL started on November 2nd, 2018 and ended on November 9th's first MFL Mega Bowl I game. The Sehconey Bucks won the Mega Bowl I.


Official logo for the Mega Bowl I, based off the Super Bowl 17 logo

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