Micronational People's Union

Workers of all Micronations, Unite!
Soviet National Anthem (English translation)
Capital city Dragin
Official language(s) English, Russian, Romanian, Belarusian, Finnish, French
- Chairman Vuk Pétrovich
Legislature Micronational People's Assembly
- Last election - 15 April 2018

The Micronational People's Union (MPU) is a union of Socialist micronations on MicroWiki founded by the Principality of Egan before its Socialist government was disestablished.


Flag of Nicostan2 Socialist People’s Republic of Nicostan Joined 3 April 2018 Republic of Agelonia Joined 9 April 2018
Romdura Flag Confederation of Socialist Republics Joined 28 April 2018
West Trerva Republic of West Trerva Joined 16 May 2018
Diamian flag-1 Socialist People's Republic of Diamia Joined 17 May 2018
9ed1f00d-a40d-4efd-b63a-3ffd85f77543 (6) Acedonia People's Fedaration Joined 15 January 2019

Observer States

Libertia steag Libertia Joined 21 July 2018
1aflag4therepublic Egan Joined 18 August 2018

Leadership Elections

On April 15, 2018, Chairman Aydo Kimyona announced he was stepping down as Chairman due to the Eganese Civil War. In connection with this, elections were held, and Vuk Pétrovich from Agelonia became the new Chairman.


Article I

MPU is an organization created for micronations with left-wing views.

Article II

All members must acknowledge the threat of Fascism and Capitalism. We must work together to progress socially and defeat the Right. However, we must defeat them by peaceful means. We shall not shed blood.

Article III

All members must ensure good working conditions and complete equality. Nobody can have more than another, for that will devolve into a class struggle, unleashing the beast called Capitalism. Corruption must be avoided, in order to avoid making the same mistakes the USSR and other "socialist" nations did.

Article IV

MPU encourages diplomacy between non-left and right states, in order to improve conditions for workers and fight for peace.

Propaganda Art

MPU propaganda art is mostly about the unity of the left wing nations. MPU propaganda