Minister of Administration
Hon Gianna Cardone
since 18 November 2018
Style The Honorable
Reports to His Majesty Cameron Koehler
Appointer His Majesty Cameron Koehler
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
First holder Hayden Ford
Salary K5
Website Ministry of Adminstration

The Minister of Administration is a minister in the government of Ikonia with responsibility for the country's treasury acts, armed forces battle plans and is in charge of the Ministry of Administration.

The present Minister is Gianna Cardone, a member of the Monarchist Party.


The first minister was appointed in 2018, shortly after the Duschvarian alliance with Ikonia, the ministry was created to allow the central government to assume responsibility for war plans and treasury acts. It has existed without major interruption since then.

List of Administration Ministers

Political Parties

  MPI   Independent

No. Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political Party
1 Hayden Ford
November 18th November 19th MPI
2 Gianna Cardone
November 19th Incumbent MPI

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