The Ministry of Administration is the ministry service department of Ikonia charged with overseeing the Ikonian Treasury acts and Armed Forces of Ikonia battle plans. It is the Minister of Administration's head role.


The Ministry was established as a result of the Armed Forces of Duschvaria force set up by the Duschvarian government in November 2018 to review the possible battle plans against the Universal Chat.

The task force was assisted by Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Military, who may have applied pressure on the task force to move towards eventually waging war on Universal Chat. The mandate was to review battle plans, effectiveness and how to invade. Results did not include waging war, but rather the Grand Duke of Duschvaria had fallen ill and could not proceed.


The Ministry's role is to raise the overall level of passing treasury and armed forces plans and reduce disparities. The ministry has numerous functions - advising government, providing information to the sector, providing resources, administering sector regulation and funding, and providing specialist services. The ministry works with other agencies from micronations.


The Ministry serves 1 minister.

Hayden Ford Secretary of Military Supreme Judge November 19th, 2018
Gianna Cardone None None
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