Former Ministry of Safety flag when it operated in the United Principality (Princian Empire)


Official Ministry of Safety flag

The Ministry of Safety (for short: MoS) is a Ministerial Body of the Alliance of Micronational Crowns. The micronations that this organisation operates in are: the Principality of Greater Princia, Kingdom of Apachiland, Condominium of Stonne and Nottingham Empire. Only micronations part of the Alliance of Micronational Crowns may have the Ministry of Safety operate in them. The Ministry of Safety can: set health and safety laws, issue weather and epidemic warnings, issue national emergencies, deal with the aftermath of terrorist incidents and attempt to prevent any future attacks or health and safety violations.


- Any tests or experiments involving radioactive substances are BANNED

- Nuclear power plants are BANNED

- All nuclear or radioactive substances are BANNED

- Pocket knives and guns are BANNED (except for army members)

- Sirens and early warning systems MUST be installed in ALL urban areas in case of emergency

- Roads MUST gradually get wider when leading up to cross-sections to allow easy-turning of busses, limousines, lorries or any other large forms of transport

- In urban areas, ALL crossings must have operational traffic lights at them to allow people to cross the road in a reasonably safe manner

- Paths and walk-ways at the sides of roads MUST be able to accommodate at least 4 people walking side-by-side

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