Empire of Misaka (English)
みさかの帝国 (Japanese)
Coat of Arms

"Misaka will keep on living!"
"The People's Blood"
MisakaMap Misaka in the South China Sea
Capital city Taiken
Largest city Taiken
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) 87.14% Non-Religious/Other 12.86% Shinto
Demonym Misakese
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Emperors Jake I (2004 -)

Akihito (1989 - 2004)

Hirohito (1945 - 1989)
Established January 31, 2004
Area claimed 17.257 km²
6.66 mi²
Population 701,840 (2019)
Currency Misakese Yen (Official)

Japanese Yen

US Dollar
Time zone UTC +7:30
National sport Table Tennis
National animal Flamingo
Internet Domain .mi

Misaka, officially known as the Empire of Misaka (Japanese: みさかの帝国) is a small island micronation with land claims in the South China Sea, in between Vietnam and Taiwan. The nation previously fought for claims in the Parcel Islands, specifically islands claimed by Japan. On January 31, 2004, Misaka declared their independence from Japan. However, their claims are still unrecognized by any sovereign entity, due to how tiny the micronation is in the pool of sovereign states and larger micronations, such as Sealand.


Misaka claims 5 islands and 1 islet in the South China Sea. The most populated island is Taiken in the north, aptly named after the capital and largest city, Taiken. In the east is the largest island, Ware. Although it is the largest island, it is also the 2nd least populous, housing only 84,000 residents, as of 2014. Mono, in the south, is the 2nd largest island in both size and population. Akari was and still is a major fishing port used by the Misakese and Japanese people of the islands. The other 2 islands are Tori, to the left of Taiken, and Ao, to the north of Taiken.


The landscape of Misaka is mostly flat. Ware Island holds the only mountain in the micronation, Mt. Urakara. The peak is located 4,704 m above sea level, which makes this smaller than most notable mountains. Trees and foliage are the main sight in Misaka, housing the most pine trees out of any island nation. Most trees are located on Ware Island, along with Mt. Urakara. Some palm trees are found in the micronation, mainly on Mono Island, where a lot of the beaches and light blue waters are located. Mono is also home to the Sapphire Water Bank (Japanese: サファイアウォーターバンク), where the water completely evaporates into smoke unexpectedly every couple of years. After this, the Rains of Mono come and fill up the empty bank where the water had previously been.


Misaka is known for its balance of modern architecture and older structures, keeping both intact fairly well. Chino Tower in Taiken is the tallest building out of any other micronation, towering over other skyscrapers at a massive 980 meters tall. Other massive buildings may include:

  • Mejiro Finance 1, 722m
  • Mejiro Finance 2, 670m
  • Bankuu HQ, 595m
  • United Micronations Complex, 484m
  • Bankuu Stadium, 446m
  • Urakara Pagoda, 384m
  • Kuzuha Pagoda, 360m
  • Fukuri Laboratory, 291m
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