The Monarchy of Stenall, commonly known as the King of Stenall is a title given to the ruling monarch of Stenall.

King of of Stenall
King Max I

Style: His Majesty
First monarch: Oscarius, Orina and Josephus (Mythical)

King Max I (historical)

Formation: 28 October 2018 - present

List of Monarchs

Mythical Kings

Name Birth Death Reign begins Reign ends Relation
Oscarius before

1981 BCE

c. 85BCE before 1981BCE c. 85BCE Monarchy established
Jumprink (possible co-king) c, 181BCE c. 91BCE Unknown c. 91BCE Son of Josephus
Prince Marionus 108BCE 28 July 3AD c. 85BCE 28 July 3AD Son of Jumprink
Luiganna (co-king until 3AD) after 3AD c. 63BCE 9AD Son of Jumprink

Twin Brother of Marionus

Baba I (co-king) 76BCE c. 2AD 73BCE c. 2AD Son of Marionus

Mythical Emperors

Name Birth Death Reign Begins Reign Ends Relation
Waria c. 29BCE 40AD c. 9AD 40 AD Grandson of Marionus

Son of Baba I

Elaugi c. 19BCE
Baba II (possible co-emperor) 6AD 19AD c. 6AD 19AD Son of Waria
Stenallerton I (claimant) Unknown 80AD Right of conquest

Mythical Kingdom of Deeah

Name Birth Death Reign began Reign ended
Jesus I 1AD 33AD 9AD 33AD

Historical Monarchs

Name Birth Reign begins Reign ends
Max I, King of Stenall 5 September


28 October 2019 Current
Darya Agarkova (alongside Max I, King of Stenall) Unknown 9 February


12 February 2019
Jonah Nichols (co-king) 22 February 2019 Current
Orin Harley (prince) March 1999


  • Some sources make Marionus an Emperor
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