Monarchist Party of Duschvaria
Leader HGH Mason Farrell
Founded 2018 November 3rd
Headquarters Sachsburg
Ideology Right-wing populism
Political position Far-right to right-wing
Official colors      Dark green (customary)
Official Page

The Monarchist Party of Duschvaria (MPD) was founded November 18th, 2018. It's current leader is HGH Mason Farrell, Grand Duke of Duschvaria. It is currently the only official political party of Duschvaria.


The MPD was founded November 18th, 2018 to lead the Grand Duchy of Duschvaria to "It's path glory." It was influenced by the German Monarchist Party Bund Bayern und Reich. It believes in the ideals of Monarchism and Right Wing Populism. It currently has a few members. It currently leads in Duschvarian politics.

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