Monarchist Party of Ikonia
Leader Cameron Koehler
Chairperson Troy Koehler
President Hayden Ford
Spokesperson Gianna Cardone
Founded 2018 October 19th
Headquarters Noeria
Ideology Federalism
Political position Center-right to right-wing
Official colors      Blue (customary)
Official website

The Monarchist Party of Ikonia or MPI, is a Center-right to right-wing political party in the Kingdom of Ikonia. It is the currently the governing party.

The Monarchist Party was founded in 2018 by Cameron Koehler giving rise to the federalist and monarchy government the current Kingdom has. The MPI supports total monarchy and federalism to the utmost priority of the government of Ikonia.

The party is the current and only political party in Ikonia to debut.



The Monarchist Party of Ikonia was founded on October 19th, 2018, and now leads the Kingdom of Ikonia, it was based off the Hamiltonianism and US federalist party, the Federalist Party. Centralization of the government and monarch was the most important virtue the Kingdom of Ikonia was facing. His Majesty Cameron Koehler had fixed this by inducing affairs with other micronations, and creating the national currency Kyro.

Differences (2018-present)

The Monarchist Party of Ikonia's logo was changed on November 10th, 2018. It is based off the EZIC order.

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