The Monarchy Of Lemuria was founded 2016 by Rami M. Al-Karoom King Ramiel has been dubbed the youngest professional leader of a micronation. There have been some who to accuse Lemuria of being a fake Country but Lemuria is the 8th continent on earth only that it’s 163-182meters below the Indian Ocean. Through it’s existence it has only gone digital a couple of months ago from the time this articles posting. Being around for some time Lemuria has made a currency called the “Lemu”. Lemuria has Acts and Decrees documented. Lemuria has no Offical Alliance for it will not be apart of such Foolery and has one close friend but not an official Ally he is The Great Leader of “Phokland” another great micronation. Lemuria hopes to achieve more recognition in this following 2019-2020 year and will be doing charity events, micronation meetings, and will start its official Alliance Campaign soon 8/13/19. “God protect the King”.
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