Principality of Monovia
Monovia flag

"Evolution through Revolution"
Capital city Yerjigenjor[1]
Official language(s) English, Monovish
Official religion(s) Church of Monovia
Demonym Monovish, Monovians
Government Tribal despotism, with an elective system[2]
- Prince Harold I
Established 25th, April 2011
Currency Monovish Dollar
Time zone GMT

The Monovish Herald


The Principality of Monovia, often incorrectly referred to as "Monovia" is a self-governing territory of the micronation known as Monovia. A feature unusual among nations, Monovia is not a nation-state, rather the nation and the state are separated entities. This was not intentional; the Principality has very little actual control over Monovish territory (due to the tribal system of governance) and as a result over time the government has become less and less associated with the nation.


Monovia has existed as a formal nation in various forms since April 2011; however, the long Kaestrovian conflict (which lasted up until September 2011) decimated Monovia, and left it's government unstable and corrupt. Although improvements have since been made, in order to successfully create an effective national government, Monovia has a tribal system of governance, which severely hinders the legislative process, meaning that it can take months to pass legislation, and even passed legislation is seldom enacted pragmatically.

Monovia has four recognized tribes; the Passapari, Gallic, Juju and Stalagmite peoples. The Jujus have dominated Monovia's cultural and political landscape since Monovia's foundation as a micronation, and they continue to hold a monopoly on the political system (although their overall influence has waned). The Religious demographics of Monovia is also based on tribal lines, the Gallic people follow the religion of Roman Catholicism, the Passaparis follow the Anglican church, and the the Jujus are shamanistic.

Government and Politics

The Monarchy

The Prince

His Royal Majesty, Prince Harold the First, by the Grace of the Gods, of Monovia and it's Realms, Defender of the Faith, Conqueror of the Tribes. Prince Harold is the current Monarch of Monovia and has been since..(enter time)

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