Nathan Holmes-King

Chancellor of the Republic of NZRE
In office
4 August 2016—incumbent
Preceded by Position established

Ambassador to the PaLsian Federation
In office
10 December 2018—incumbent
Preceded by Position established

Born 18 December 2003
Fremont, California
Nationality Republic of NZRE
Residence Zulus, NZRE

Nathan Malcolm Holmes-King (born 18 December 2003) is a current Chancellor of the Republic of NZRE, serving since the country was founded on 4 August 2016. He is currently serving alongside Chancellor Zack.

Early life

Nathan was born on 18 December 2003 in Fremont, California. During primary school, he attended New Horizons School in Fremont. When he entered secondary school, he transferred to the Circle of Independent Learning Charter School, also located in Fremont. In August 2004, Nathan met Zack. They soon became good friends, and remain good friends to this date.

Republic of NZRE

Nathan and Zack founded the Republic of NZRE (then known as the NZRE Empire) on 4 August 2016, although it had existed as a fantasy micronation since 2014. In the early days of the country, the Chancellors did not set international recognition as their goal; however, this has since changed. In January 2018, the Republic of NZRE joined the League of Micronations.

Political ideologies

Nathan describes himself as a libertarian socialist. Nathan's score on the Political Compass is -5.38, -4.41.

Film career

Nathan is currently directing Data Disaster, an upcoming animated short film that is not currently scheduled for release.

Chess career

Nathan won 1st place in the 2018 NZRE National Chess Tournament.

Personal life

Nathan has two younger brothers, Armando and Raymond, who have both served in the NZRE Parliament. Nathan is currently in his final year of secondary school. In tertiary school, he plans to major in computer science and applied mathematics. After tertiary school, he plans to move to Akureyri, Iceland. He plans to move the country along with him; however, Zack disagrees with this plan.

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