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The Republic of Nerdania is a micronation based in America (The United States of America). It was created created by Internet user personnerdy, known as The Nerd Show on It strives to "unite people under nerdiness", according to its founder. Its motto is "lon sona, pi sona", meaning "in knowledge, of knowledge" in Toki Pona, a constructed language. It is part of the Nerdania-Barslow pact, along with Barslow. It is also part of the Micronation Treaty Organization.

National Holidays

January 1: Foreign Relations' Day

January 2: Celebrateon Day

December 13-14: Founding Time

December 21-January 2: Celebrateon

December 24: Digging Day

December 26: Holiday Day


The Nerdanian currency will be the Nerdanian Quirk, which is currently being worked on and is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

Official languages

Up until February 11, 2019, Nerdania had two official languages, English and Toki Pona. On February 11, 2019,a new official language were granted its status, Ranevu, a conlang made by personnerdy and PassiveSquirrel of Barslow. On this same day, Toki Pona was de-granted its official status, and it is no longer an official language.



The Nerdanian Football Association (Nerdanian FA) is currently being worked on and is expected to be ready for operation by early-mid 2019. Main article: Nerdanian FA

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