Republic Of New Emersonac City
New Emersonac City Flag

All Praise Emersonac! (Current) Lots of work, the man's poverty (De jure)
"Country Roads" John Denver
Dambovita County, Romania
Capital city Emersonac Town
Largest city Hooverville
Official language(s) Romanian, English
Official religion(s) Pastafarianism/The Water Sheep Cult
Short name Emersonac City
Demonym New Emersonac Citisen
Government Capitalist/Democrat
- Number of seats - 0 seats left in parliament
- Last election - None
Established 4th April 2018
Disestablished N/A
Area claimed ~ 800 sq.meters
Population ~ 60
Currency Bottlecap
Time zone Same As Romania
National sport Biking
National dish Nuggets
National drink Pepsi
National animal Cat
Patron saint Flying Spaghetti Monster/Water Sheep
Internet Domain .nec (Proposed)

The Democratic and Capitalist Republic of New Emersonac City, commonly referred as New Emersonac City, is a self-declared autonomous political entity which claims to be a sovereign state, but macronational authorities consider it as a micronation and do not recognise it as a macronation. The nation is located in the Dambovita county of Romania, 23 kilometers away from Ploiesti.

The lowest point is located at the Pinewood Residence (718 ft above sea level) and the highest point is at Fort Worth (722 ft above sea level)


New Emersonac City is home to 5 regions, with each one of them having separate districts:

Emersonac Town

Emersonac Town is the capital of the Republic. It is also the biggest city, right ahead HooverVille. It is connected to the outside world by the Emersonac Turnpike (A1), Western Highway (A2) and Don Street (DN1). The name used to be "Andrewburg", before the President thought the name was kind of unfitting.


Hooverville is a small town located in the outskirts of Emersonac Town. The population is made of animals. The region can be called "Ferentari Of New Emersonac City" because of the pollution and the low land value.

Pinewood Residence

The Pinewood Residence is a private property in the "Highway Valley". Its is also the lowest point in the nation, at 718 ft. above sea level.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a planned metropolis in the Fort Worth Panhandle. It will be connected to the rest of the nation by the A2, A3, and A4 highways. It will have a Pastafarian Church, Grand Library, School Of Fort Worth, business towers, and more buildings which will be revealed in the Ceremony Of 2018-2019. It is the tallest point i the country (722 ft above sea level). The name comes from a shelter/fort that Germans made in World War II, thus then being demolished by the Romanian Army. In popular belief, the fort was named "Worth Shelter", thus the name of the town, Fort Worth.

Agricultural District

In the agricultural district, 67% of N.E.C's food is planted, then harvested and sold in stalls in Hooverville and Emersonac Town.


The offical currency is the Bottlecap (BC). They are simply saved bottlecaps from drinks.

One bottlecap is equal to 10 LEI, 2 Euro, 1,60 USD.

The bank which controls the economy is the Federal Bank.



N.E.C is located in a temperate climate in the South-East of Romania.

Season Average Temperature (C) Record Temperature (C) Weather
Winter -4 -15/14 Snowy
Spring 14 26/-3 Cold. starting to warm up.
Summer 31 21/42 Heat
Autumn/Fall 20 6/32 Starting to get colder

Transit Routes

The nation has a couple of highways planned.

Roadway Code Icon Length Date of completion
Emersonac Turnpike A1
Border - Emersonac Town 4.4.2018
Western Highway A2
Emersonac Town - Hooverville - Forth Worth Under Construction Completion Date (estimated) : 2019

Yearly Events

The Yearly Events are the N.E.C equivalent of holidays.

Excluding Romania's own holidays, the Government has created some extra holidays:


1 JAN: New Year Day. Citisens get a day off to celebrate the New Year.

27 JAN: YouTube Day. Citisens celebrate the YT channel.


1 MAR -> 1 APRIL: Martisor. Boys give red & white coloured gifts (made of yarn) to women.


1 JUNE: Children's Day. Children receive gifts.

14 JUNE: Vacation Day. The day when kids get vacation.


4 JULY: Fat Blob' Day. This holiday was created to laugh at Americans.

26 JULY -> AUG: Balci. Stalls with food and amusement park rides come for the Capital's Founding Day.


14 SEPT: School Day. Kids get back to school.


24 OCT: The 24 Holiday. This day commemorates all the people, things that were born/created on 24 OCT. This is due to the fact that both the President and PewDiePie were born on this date, and that the Coldplay album Mylo Xloto was created on this date aswell.

27 OCT: Haloween. Children go trick-or-treating.

30 OCT -> 30 MARCH: Snow Fest Carnival. The capital city turns into an amusement park, with winter related sports/activities.


1 DEC: Romanian's Day. This is Romania's national day.

24 DEC: Christmas. Kids receive presents from Santa Claus.

31 DEC: New Year's Eve. People wait for 12:00.

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