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Second Republic of Laurencia

Viva Laurencia, the Republic of Justice
Freedom, Peace, Justice and Love
(Greek: Ελευθερία, Ειρήνη, Δικαιοσύνη και Αγάπη)

"The Blessed Republic" - Hunter Eno
Missouri, U.S.A
Capital city Mwriim
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity (church is separate from state still)
Short name Republic of Laurencia
Demonym Laurencian
Government Federal constitutional republic
- Chancellor Chancellor Hunter Eno
Legislature Laurencian Congress
Established Thursday, April 27, 2018
Disestablished June 6, 2018
Population Over 20 humans, some NPCs in one territory and some gnomes in another
Currency Donald
National dish Steak sirloin
National drink Water
National animal Holy Eagle, Potbelly Pig, Julian Pig, and American Bulldog

The New Federal Republic of Laurencia was a micronation based in Missouri, USA. It was founded hours after the First Republic. It was succeeded by the theocratic Third Republic on the sixth of June.

National anthem

"The Blessed Republic" is the national anthem of the New Federal Republic of Laurencia. The anthem was written by Eno one night while he was listening to the anthems of France, Germany, America, and Russia. They pure emotion put into these anthems filled Eno with inspiration and he began to write the Laurencian anthem. To add on the democratic theme, the American anthem happened to be the anthem playing while he created "The Blessed Republic".


Promote happiness and unity!

Bless our Republic and all her people!

Promote happiness and unity!

Let it be blessed and grow.

Bless our Republic and all her people!

Blessing grant, oh God our Lord, on the states of Laurencia

States of golden liberty and sunshine, happiness and song

Stand united, we of Laurencia , democracy and glory ever

Onward march together

God bless Laurencia .

For Laurencia , ever Laurencia , let our voices ring with pride

For Laurencia , ever Laurencia , her name hail far and wide,

A land of freedom, hope and glory, to endure whatever befall

May God bless Laurencia

Forever more!

Hear our prayer for thou unseen.

God of Israel at Thy feet,

In the bonds of love we meet,

Hear our voices, we entreat,

God defend our free land!

National Pledge of Loyalty

"I pledge my loyalty to the New Federal Republic of Laurencia, the Chancellor, his vice, the President, his vice, the General, and his judicial excellency. For this is the Republic of Justice, the nation under the Lord and his divine power, whom will bless this nation and its brave men who will and have died in battle against the forces of tyranny. May God in his infinite wisdom watch over me and my nation of fair Laurencia. Viva Laurencia, the Republic of Justice!"

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