The New Romanian Calendar is a calendar used only in Vlasynia. It was created by Despot Denis I on the 8th of December 2018 (8th of December 100 AGU, according to the New Romanian Calendar).

In said calendar, the months are exactly the same as in the Gregorian Calendar, except the month of December is first and November is last; That means that the New Romanian year lasts between December 1 and November 30.

Also, the New Romanian Calendar has the Great Union Day as its epoch (December 1 1918), since the years are measured around it. Therefore, there are the years Before the Great Union (BGU) and the years After the Great Union (AGU).

Also the period between December 1 1918 and November 30 1919 (Gregorian dates) is known as Year 0. Everything before it consists of the BGU years, while everything after it consists of the AGU years.


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