Nirfoball is a "countryball" used to represent the United Empire of Nirfo, usually represented as a drunk who enjoys some sports.​



The Nirfoball character was created on 1 January 2018. Within the fictional universe in which he is set, his father is Englandball, he is a part of the League of Micronations (LoMN), and also has a military.

Storylines involving Nirfoball include his involvement in a conflict with Laurenciaball, for which he received a backlash from the rest of the LoMN and which ended after a treaty was made by Alanball. Another concerned his creation of an anti-communist organisation alongside Alanball and Farioball.

Nirfoball was first used as an intentional stereotype of Nirfoese people, a publicity tactic also used by some other micronations to familiarize themselves with others. The use of Nirfoball later changed to represent Nirfo in media used to support attacks on Daelithiria. In more recent times the character has functioned as a simple national personification.


In representations of Nirfoball, he is commonly depicted as a right-wing supporter of monarchism and capitalism who enjoys vodka and is a member of the TASMO and LoMN organisations. In contrast, he is opposed to liberalism, dislikes the Dutch, and considers communism to be the world's greatest evil. In regards to U.S. politics, Nirfoball supports Republicans over Democrats.

In common with a common trope for countryballs, Nirfoball is often depicted as having relatives. Laurenciaball is his son, Alanlandball is his cousin, and Eganball was his friend prior to a state of war between the two nations.


A "family photo" from early 2018.

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