North-Western Alliance
North-Western Alliance Flag

"Together as One."
United States
Capital city New Gettysburg
Official language(s) English
Short name NWA
Government Grand Council
- Chairman President Seann Torres
- Vice Chairman President of Istria
- Type - Alliance
- Number of seats - 13
- Last election - January 1, 2019
Established April 2, 2018
Population 14 Nations

North-Western Alliance or NWA is an inter-micronational alliance founded on April 2, 2018 by Stephen I of Albion-Novanglia and Gabriel I of Holloway.


The North-Western Alliance was founded on April 2, 2018 by the Kingdom of Novanglia and the Kingdom of Holloway to show good will between the nations.

Throughout its first few months of existence, the NWA was stagnant, with little to no activity taking place in the alliance. However, Gabriel I decided to focus on reforming the NWA into a more serious and well-structured alliance. Since then, the alliance has begun to transmute in strength and eminence.

On August 2, the first election of the NWA took place. It lasted until 2:00 PM the next day, resulting in King Gabriel I becoming the second Chairman of the NWA, and King Stephen I becoming the Vice Chairman.


  • To bring like-minded, serious micronations together.
  • Military and diplomatic protection and mutual recognition to all members.
  • To aid in the development of small micronations.
  • To research new ideas and technology for all members.


Article I: All members must recognize one another and respect each nation.

Article II: All nations must agree to mutual protection. If one nation is attacked then all nation must join that war. If one member declares war on another nation, members can freely join or help out in that war. No nation shall declare war on another fellow member nation or help an enemy combatant out.

Article III: All nations can freely trade with whomever in or outside of the NWA.

Article IV: Nations within NWA are allowed to freely exchange technology and help in researching project with other nations in the NWA.

The Entrance Clause: To enter into the alliance, an alliance member must sponsor the nation in question. Then, there will be a brief debate on whether it is allowed, and we decide yes or no. If there is no consensus, we shall vote with a 8/14 majority making a new initiate.

North-Western Science and Development Council

The North Western Science and Development Council, or NWSDC for short, is the research and development department for NWA. It was established the day NWA was founded, by King Stephen I. The goal of the NWSDC is to help member nations research new technology and help develop proper weather and forecasting systems, whether it be by lending money or creating the basics for them. The NWSDC mostly operates by funding by from the Kingdom of Novanglia with involved nations also contributing.



Flag Name Capital Leader Date of Joining
United Kingdom of Albion-Novanglia New Gettysburg King Stephen I April 2, 2018

Kingdom of Holloway

Crenstan King Gabriel I April 2, 2018
Republic of New Rizalia Highland Province President Seann Torres April 4, 2018
Democratic Apachistan 2
Kingdom of Apachiland Apachea President C May 11, 2018
5 10324433-B0DE-4762-84D0-F12290CD9219 Ticronvidia Imperium The Titanian Imperial City Supreme Leader Blade Buzzsaw  May 29, 2018
Republic of Agelonia Dragin First President Vuk Pétrovich May 29, 2018
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-2
Vlasynia Divellis Despot Denis I June 23, 2018
Libertia steag-0
Libertia West Tablle Craciunoiu Petru July 21, 2018
Flag of Terrexa-0
Terrexa Patrium President Lincoln May 16–20, 2018; rejoined July 23, 2018
Commonwealth of Wenonah Buck President Ruz October 21, 2018
11 Republic of Istria Iordan Luca October 22, 2018
Most Serene Republic of Egan N/A Governor Aidan Kimyona December 28,2018
PaLs Flag2
PaLsian Federation Qbec Central Government Sam Marsden January 28, 2019
14 Aristan January 28, 2019

Positive Relations

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