Kingdom of Novanglia
KNA FlagNYL Coat of arms 2

"If there's a will, there's a way."
United States and United Kingdom
Capital city New Gettysburg
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No official at government level.
Short name Novanglia
Demonym Novanglian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King-Emperor Stephen I
- Prime Minister Duke Micheal III
- Chief of Staff/High Command Stephen I
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Constitutional Monarchy
- Number of seats - 21
- Last election - March 8, 2019
Established March 1, 2016
Population 20
Currency Imperial Nova, and United Pound (£, IMU trade),
Time zone UTC−5
National sport Soccer
National animal Black Bear

Novanglia, officially the Kingdom of Novanglia (formerly New Yankeeland and New England) is a micronation located in the United States. Founded on March 1, 2016. the name Novanglia mean in Latin New England. Today Novanglia is part of the United Kingdom of Albion-Novanglia


Novanglia was founded on March 1, 2016. King Stephen I had always wanted his own nation but never knew how to start it. In early 2016 King Stephen I discovered the Conch Republic and the Republic of Molossia. After a bit of research and thinking the founder decided to form his own micronation. The Kingdom of Novanglia original name was the Republic of Stelegiriots and named Stephen I as President and Matt as Vice President.

In October 2016 Stelegiots renamed to United Provinces of New England and remade its flag. This flag is still in used to this day as its used for all her vassels and in 2018 the Flag was upgraded a bit to what u see today by Emperor Charles II. In January the nation renamed to Republic of New Yankeeland.


In February 2017 a vote was headed and the people elected to become a Constitutional Monarchy. The nation was Renamed to Kingdom of New Yankeeland and crowned Stephen I King and named Matt Prime Minister.

In late 2017 After being scouted by the IUM and LOMN. Novanglia went from being a no name nation to being recognized by dozen of nations and being a player on the micronation stage and would end up becoming a member os the Big Nation and and part of the Security Counsel.



The original flag of Novanglia

In 2018 Novanglia took part in the 2018 Microcup witch is a event that bring micronation together for a international soccer or football event. Novanglia won its match ageist New Rizalia 5-3. Novanglia would win that part of the cup. In of April 10, 2018 Novanglia is in charge of the Intermicronational Trade Organization.

In May between 18-21 there was a cold war stand off between the Duke of Kearsarge-Oceania and Novanglia over the Ark island. On the May 22- June 2 a war broke out over it. In the end Novanglia won and Kearsarge-Oceania was made into a puppet ed nation. Kearsarge-Oceania was renamed to the Duchy of Elizabeth and Prime Minster Edward was crown Dutch of it.

In June 4, 2018 When Novanglia was still named New Yankeeland. It had Protracted it self to be the Federal Empire of New Yankeeland with Prussia, Texas, and Elizabeth being its puppets. In early August Novanglia had left LoMN due to several members. Later on in August 30, 2018 Novnaglia went back to being a Kingdom losing its Empire. Prussia would rename to the Archduchy of Albion and Texas would also leave. However Elizabeth would remand as a vassal to Novanglia. Few days latter on September 9, New Yankeeland was renamed back to New England and on September 29th the Nov-Anglo Commonwealth would be founded. A alliances for the old Federal Empire.


official flags for Albion-Novanglia made by King Cameron

On October 4-26th, C series Bills would begin. The C series was a series of reforms under witch would changes the name of the nation to it permit name, Novanglia (due to confusion and New England being over used) witch means New England in Latin. On October 6, Novanglia would commence Operation Mustang. Over Throwing the Texas Government and Installing a New government renaming it to Tejas. The Operation end on October 8th and was success full. Tejas on the 10th would become a vassel of Novanglia. On December 28th it was announced to the world that Novanglia once more would become a empire again.


In 2019 the King wore out is state of the realm address stating that he wish for novanglia to be come more realist then fantasy and lay out his "King Plan" for the Next Few years. In Early February talks begun with Albion to unit under one banner and after several few weeks on February 15, 2019 the Roya; Union of 2019 was signed and united them under the name Albion-Novanglia. Later that month talks started with Esmeralda started to bring it into the empire and on February 28 it was announced that Esmeralda accepted the deal and Emma I was made Queen and Stephen I once again was crowned King-Emperor officially once more.


Novanglia culture is mix of Canadian and New England regional culture. Novanglians are a very progressive type of people. We are also very much for scientific advances, we believe in global warming, we support the art, and we are patriotic about our kingdom and military. However just about all Novanglians are big into history. Whether it be military history, world, political or anything we believe that advances in life are nice but however we shouldn't forget how we got there. Often towns, uniforms, the military, arts, and vehicles look or are based upon old school american styles and or technology. Novanglian culture is very much heavy infunese and big on the military. Many citizen has served or are some way or another part of the military. And some citizen or military buffs as well.



In recently Novanglian has been very interest in Soccer due to the 2018 Microcup. Novanglia made its own team to compete in. Novanglia National Soccer Team nicknamed the NNST or the Black Bears after the nation national animal. After Winning in the Microcup Novanglians went wild upon hearing the news and interest in Soccer sored so munch that talks have been underway to make a national soccer league for Novanglia Soccer League


  • January 8th, Emperor Norton Day
  • January 28th, Railday
  • March 1, Novanglian Independent Day
  • May 25th, Patriots Day
  • June 28th, His Majesty Day
  • July 1-3, Gettysburg Days
  • September 2nd, WW2 Victory Day
  • November 27th, Novanglian Thanksgiving
  • December 25th, Christmas


Novanglia is mostly made up of woodlands and hills. Novanglia is back up to small brook. and a River few miles away. Novanglia climite is mostly colder and see alot of precipitation though out the year.

Dukedom 2018-Present

Novanglia main lands are spilt up into dutchies. New Gettysburg in Northern Novanglia (Mass) Elizbabeth in Southern part of Novanglia (NJ) and Tejas South West part of Novanglia (TX)

Novanglia is made up of 3 duchies

Duchy of New Gettysburg

Duchy of New Gettysburg is the oldest duchy out of the 3 and is consider the main duchy as it hold the nations capitol and His Majesty palaces. Named after the Capitol the duchy is lead by the His Majesty him self.

Duchy of Elizabeth

Originally a vassal of Novanglia, It was incorporated into the Kingdom on October 27, 2018. Duchy is lead by Duke Edward I

Duchy of Tejas

Originally a vassal of Novanglia, It was incorporated into the Kingdom on November 27, 2018. Duchy is lead by Duke Michael III This is the only Duchy not connect to Mainland Novanglia.


Novanglia government is a Constitutional Monarchy with a king or queen and a parliament. Parliament is made up of members from each political party that are elected. All the ministers are appointed by the king/queen and or prime minister however they must be approved by parliament and the people. The Royal Family is able to run for any position in power in the government. And half of the nation's ruling power is the king the other half is the prime minister, parliament, and the people themselves.

Government Politics

Imperialist Polcy

This will replace MIC and Nertural. the goal is a imperials idea. as we can not be the imperial federation nowever we can still act like it. the policy will keep the MIC policy allowing for the king and federalist party to build, upgrade the military and declare war.

C Series Bills

Under the C Bills the nation will be renamed permit to Novanglia as the nation can no longer rename. Its goal is to reunite the old realm under one banner again. The currency is will be upgraded and the name will stay the same.  The new coins will be quarters minted in the nickel alloy of value 1/4th of a dollar.  Dollars are also to be printed in the 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s.  Old currency will be phased out at the description of the state over a 10 year period.

The national head of state will be retain the title of King.  The title of Kingdom of Novanglia will be created and granted to the Head of State.  All privileges of said title are granted to there of formentioned.  The head of state will receive a stipend of 10 million Novas compensation to live off of, and special ability to grant pardons.The update and recation of the education system for our nation. Also national language will be english and the calender's will be the old National French Republic one.  This bill will be created for a program developing and encouraging art literacy and culture for our nation.  

On 11/818 C bills have finish and reforms have finished. last law is that king can no longer rename any names .   

Kings Plans

Kings plans where layed out in the Kings state of the realm address this year. It stated this plan may take a few year but the goal is to Novanglia form fantasy to reality. In it he plan to me units in the military and make the military realist rather then made up. Fix the economy problem. and bring the NBC to main main stage in the nation.


Party Name Leader Members Seats in Parliament
Federalist Party (Conservatism) King Stephen I 9
9 / 20
Laissez-faire Party (Market Liberal) Brandon Daivd 4
5 / 20
Farmer-Labor Party (Social Democrats) Duke Edward I 6
6 / 20

Church of Novanglia

formed novabmer 10th, 2018 will work on more soon


Novanglia has has a small economy with most goods like oil, metal, food needing to be imported. With the little exports that Novanglia has is Agricultural, Lumber, Military weapons and supplies, wood crafted goods and Food. Most of the economy comes from shipping and trade

Trade Partners

Current trading partners

  • United Imperial Empire
  • Kingdom of Holloway
  • Archduchy of Albion
  • Republic of New Rizalia



Even though Novanglia has a small but rapidly growing economy, it does have its own currency. However due to a very small economy bartering is encouraged by


the government and is widely used throughout the kingdom. The currency is based on the Siliver and cooper standes where Nova will be back by silver while Novarine will be bcak by cooper

5 Nova - paperback = $1


5 Nova - paperback = £1 Numb

50 Novarine - coin = $1

Novanglia does accept US and or Canadian Dollars as currency as well.

Royal Bank of Novanglia

Royal Bank of Novanglia created on september 10, 2018 by King Stephen I. It is the main bank of Novanglia. On 10/30 the bank became operational


Novanglia Armed Forces is made of the Army, Navy, Air Focres

Royal Field Army of Novanglia

  • 1st Brigade
  • 2nd Brigade
  • Support Command
  • Novanglian Special Forces Command

Royal Novanglian Navy

  • 1st Fleet 'Royal New England Fleet'

Royal Novanglian Air Corps

  • 1st Air Wing 'Cardinals'
  • 2nd Air Wing 'Sea Dragons'

Foreign Relations

Nations that Novanglia recognizes and are allied with are: