NovangliaBall is the countryball personification of Novanglia. NovangliaBall is similar to USABall and CanadaBall. Like the USABall and CanadaBall; YankeeBall like his military and wars and is important to the microball world.


NovangliaBall is known to be helpful, Patriotic, Loud. Care a lot for his friends. Is competitive and want to be big and powerful and be #1. YankeeBall is protective of his friends and small microballs and has no problem fighting others if need. NovangliaBall is Brave and doesn't fear no one. He likes to wear his Hardee Hat wherever as he doesnt have a crown so this is his version of a crown.


YankeeBall STRONK!


Likes and Dislikes


  • Freedom
  • Sports
  • Military
  • History
  • M26 Pershing
  • American tanks and military weapons
  • War
  • Being #1 and powerful
  • Being helpful and useful


  • Anyone who mess with smaller microballs
  • White Supremacy
  • Getting Facts wrong
  • Being wrongfully accused
  • Nazis
  • North KoreaBall
  • Grammer Nazis
  • Being wrong and messing up
  • Doesn't like being interrupt

Friends and Family

Kearsarge-Oceaniaball adopted Son Teaching him the way of

being yankee.

NeuPreußenball cousins Me and him do everything together.

Everything and yet he still loves me...I think?

MilitaryTexasball Half Brother My Brother form another mother.

Acts a lot like her too.

Holloball Brother Brother, best friend. Even tho we act the complete oppside and fight sometimes I still love you bro.
Rizaliaball Closest friend Oldest friend and closed friend. We go back to the IMU days. aaaaa good times.

Can into space? 

YES 150% YES WE CAN!!!

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